May 26, 2009

Marvelous Monday (Tuesday) Update 5/26/09

OK, so it's not Monday. The holiday screws up everything, doesn't it? I bet ya'll didn't even miss me... LOL

Remember how bummed I was last week upon learning that I passed my Intermediate Accounting class with a "C". Shortly after that, the instructor sent out an email telling students to add 4% to our final scores.... which brought me up to a "B"!!! Talk about thrilled to no end. *whew*

I received the "Lovely Blog" award from CJ over at Tea & Stitches. She and I became friends a couple years ago, and I think she's a wonderful and talented lady. Not only can she stitch, but she also makes the cutest cards and beautiful baskets.

In the spirit of giving, I'm nominating the following people for having "lovely blogs" which I've enjoyed reading.

Ranae - Stitch by Stitch
Gabi - Lady of the Floss

Of course, there are MANY, MANY more that I thoroughly find "lovely" but I just chose two this time.

Last week, Emily and Courtney asked if "new guy" had a brother. Nope, only a sister. Not only that, my BFF would have first dibs since she asked shortly after my 2nd date with him. LOL And I even think there was one other person who asked after her. So, Emily and Courtney... You'd be third and fourth in line!

Now that school is done, "new guy" and I have been spending more time together... every day except for one, this past week.

On Saturday night, we met up with my sister, brother-in-law, 17yr old niece, and her BF at an Italian restaurant in Galena. To say it was a disaster would be an understatement. 98% of men probably would've ran in the other direction as fast as they could! I know my sister (and BIL) was just looking out for my best interests, but it was gone about in a way too aggressive route. Very intense! "New guy" felt attacked by both my sister and BIL. I was speechless and thought some of the conversation was very inappropriate to be having in front of two 17yr olds. I did find out that my sis apologized for being so aggressive -and- found out that she told "new guy" I don't pick the best men. (Thanks. Like we all haven't picked the wrong ones at times?) Needless to say, there was some calm "discussion" on the 45 minute drive home.

Despite "meeting the sister" not going as planned, things with "new guy" are still really good. He still is very much the thoughtful, considerate, gentleman. Over the past month of dating, we've found out little characteristics we have in common. Characteristics that *could* be annoying to another person (lol)... such as:

• We both squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up, and can't stand when someone squeezes in the middle.
• We both pull the covers back on the bed in the morning after getting up.
• We both have to have the TP come over the top of the roll, and find it annoying when others don't replace the empty spool.
• After opening a can of food, the lid goes back in the can and the middle is squeezed before throwing it away. (Talk about weird! I didn't know anyone else did that.)
• We are both frugal for the most part, but there are things we just don't skimp on.

There are many others such as values, outlook on life, and financial things. I just find the above very amusing.

My Mom called me at 5:45AM this morning to ask for the phone number of a relative. Apparently, she's hosting a 4th of July BBQ and didn't have some numbers. After inviting me, she said I could bring my "friend" (lol) if I wanted. So guess who's game for meeting the entire family in one fall swoop? I started to tell him that they're nice, and he teased me by saying: "That's what you said about your sister!"


I actually have a stitchy update! Over the weekend, I finished re-stitching the Quaker Cube side that I spilled spaghetti sauce on a couple weeks ago.

I also got some stitching done on Oriental Kimono. I'm not sure I like how dark it is, but maybe it'll grow on me.


Gabi said...

Wow...thank you for the award. That award makes me almost blush. :)
And omg...didn't you strangle your sister immediately??? Good on "new guy" to stay with you and stand the heat. Although I can imagine that he is now slightly suspicious to come with you to the barbecue...LOL.
Btw.... I handle most things just like you, tins included. Except the covers. I'm not doing that. Although I do make the bed up every morning.
What concerns the stitchy stuff...I LOVE the dark colors of your Kimono. But then again, I'm into darker colors anyway. The quaker cube is gorgeous too.

5footrunt said...

Hey, you got a B. Congrats! Funny how things work out sometimes. Sorry to hear that things didn't go so well with your sister and BIL. I don't know how you stayed so composed. For me it might have been the scene from Moonstruck. WHACK, SNAP OUT OF IT, lol. Sigh....sisters you got to love them. I am sure your parents will be much better. I like the colors on your Oriental Kimono. But I tend to like things a little on the bold side.

Mel said...

Of course we missed you!
At least I did... yesterday was a quiet monday in comparison to most on blogs b/c of the US holiday.

Cudos to your man for not just ditching out after the 'incident' with your sis. that sucks for sure.
Here's hoping the BBQ goes much better!

As always great stitching Meari. I really like the blue in the Kimono. It pops against the pink.

Carolyn NC said...

Ok - I never have figured out why family members/friends feel it is their "right or duty" to grill a prospective BF, etc. Do you do that to new friends? I hope sissie will apologize to new guy for coming on so strong. After all, if you two stay together, they'll all have to learn to get along. Meeting the family in one swoop isn't a bad idea, either. You can sort of leave any conversation with an excuse of needing to speak with someone else - makes it easier, I think. Good luck with it all! Stitching looks great!

Ranae said...

Hooray! for that 4%
You know your sis loves you and is looking out for you and then again it's good that he stuck around and didn't run. They both must really care alot about you.
Nice stitching
Thanks so much for the award.
Are you still planning on Saturday?

Kim said...

Sounds like guy continues to be great. Stitching looks wonderful as always. I am sorry your sister had to be that way with 'new guy' but it sounds like he understood. So Meari, you know how he squeezes toothpaste and how he makes a there something you are not telling us? LOL! I wish you continued success with this new guy. You are such a sweet person and it is so wonderful to hear(read)you sound so happy.

Rene la Frog said...

Congrats on getting th "B".

If the NG withstood the date with you Sis and BIL he should sail thru the family Bar-B-Q,

The stitching looks fantastic as usual. I think the Komono will be lovely in the dark color

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh dear, well if he's survived that date, he must be keen! Your stitching is lovely, as always. And congratulations on the 'B' - so happy for you!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

First, congrats on the B, Intermediate Acct is not easy. And tell 'new guy" congrats for making it through the dinner with your sister and BIL and being willing to tak on more. Sure DS was just being a "little" over protective of you. Finally congrats of the restitch. CJ ok;-)

Terry said...

Stitching looks lovely. Great news on the updated grade!!

Family; gotta love 'em 'cuz you can't kill 'em. (Or something like that LOL) He obviously is in it for the long haul or he'd have run screaming after meeting your sister and BIL. LOL Hope things continue as smoothly as before that meeting.

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on the 4% and a "new guy". It looks like your family loves you "to death" and is over protective and the "new guy" cares enough not to run away... That's a good thing! Good luck on the BBQ, I can't wait to see how things will unfold... Your stitching is lovely, as always.

Nancy said...

I think I'd have to have a little talk with the sister! What was she thinking? In front of her kids?? Good thing he weathered the storm. Might as well break him in all at once with the others at the BBQ. You can always get away at those functions vs having a sit down dinner! I agree with most of your little nuances, except I don't get the squeezing the can in the middle? TP and TP BOTH annoy me if not done *right*!! LOL

Donna said...

Woo hoo for the B! And Woo Hoo for new guy sticking it out. Friends and family can be our best allies and our worst enemies, depending upon the situation.
Good luck with him meeting the family!

Shelleen said...

what was your sister thinking? LOL at least he still stuck around and wants to meet the rest of the family,

Kristin said...

Congrats on the B and on your bloggy award. The new guy sounds like a prize. Since your sis didn't scare him away,. you might just have to keep him...LOL.

Glad you got that spaghetti disaster restitched.

Mary Ivancicts said...

The extra 4% was a help, glad for you about the B!

I can't believe you sis and BIL did that! How nasty of them, even if she apologized!

Kathy said...

Glad the new guy survived the "thrd degree" from your sister. :) And gdod luck with the BBQ. I'm hoing the worse is over for him. :)

Sandy In Montana said...

Some times family can be a PITA but luckily he had big enough shoulders to carry the load and then shake it off. I would have had a "We Need To Talk" moment with my Sis. Your stitching is great as always.

CindyMae said...

I am sorry that the dinner with sister and BIL did not go as well as you hoped but hey, when do things like that go like they should! So glad to hear that he is sticking around after that! LOL As far as meeting the entire family at once . . . I think it is a great idea! Just get it over with and get it over with at once! Perfect! I do hope it goes well!

You square for the quaker cube looks great. I am thinking about stitching the cube very soon. Great progress on the other piece as well!

Debra said...

your stitching looks good. Good to hear you and new guy get along so good. I think you two might me a little anal. But love you just the same.