May 18, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 5/18/09

As most of us know, the news has been inundated with warnings about the flu going around... informing us of precautions to take, etc. In addition to keeping our hands clean and covering our mouths when we cough, we also need to keep our surfaces clean. A helpful device can be found HERE.

Anyone who's been a long time admirer of my blog, is somewhat aware of the health issues my Dad has experienced over the past several years. He's been doing pretty good during the past year and a half. In fact, I saw him on Mother's Day and he seemed fine... He rummaged through his shed to find me chicken wire and stakes for my garden.

So, when I received an email from my sister last Tuesday: "Dad's in ICU at the hospital. Don't know details. Will call when I find out." not only was I shocked, I was also very concerned. Upon immediately calling the hospital, I found out that he was in ICU because they ran out of beds on the regular floor. That's what THE NURSE said, anyway. When my Dad got on the phone, I said: "What are you doing up there?" In a cheerful voice, he said: "Resting!!" Alrighty, then!

Turns out my Dad has had a nagging cough for about 2 weeks and at 2:30am, a fever developed along with chills and a tremor in his arm that wouldn't go away. By now, my Dad has learned to NOT mess around when things don't seem right and he drove himself (and my Mom) to VA hospital and hour and half from their house.

Once at the hospital, I was given a mask and told he was in a "clean" room (isolation) because they didn't know what he had. Do you know that once you put on a mask, your nose decides to become itchy and will annoy the heck out of you the ENTIRE time the mask is on??!

On Wed, I found out that he has non-active MRSA which is also why he was in isolation. I was also told that it would take 2-3 days before swine flu test results come back.

By Day 3, my Dad was getting bored because he had no one come visit him. He told my sister he couldn't even "check out" the nurses because they had their hair and faces all covered up. He could sort see their shapes, but nothing else. ROFL!

Test results came back and he doesn't have the swine flu *whew* He's such a bugger, tho! I called Friday afternoon to find out he'd been released, so I called my Mom. She had no idea! I said, "Well, he's on his way home." LOL He was out running around by Sunday (moving a refrigerator, no less) so he must be back to par.

After washing the one side of Quaker Cube, the stain was barely visible but the hand-dyed floss had faded. Neither of which I'm happy with, so since it only takes me an hour and half to stitch a side, I'm started re-stitching it. Problem solved!

Last month, I mentioned that my needlebook tutorial would be featured for a week on the Needlepointers website. Oops, I thought it was the needlebook, but it's not... it's my FLATFOLD tutorial. The link can be found HERE.

My Intermediate Accounting class is officially over. Much to my dismay, I passed with a "C". I didn't do so well on two tests, and even though I did well on the online assignments and the other two tests, it just wasn't enough. Had I gotten 1 or 2 more questions correct on the last test, I would've passed with a "B". I was/am really bummed about it!


Terry said...

Glad your dad is home and in rare form too!

Sorry to hear about the stain and thread fading on your cube. You'll have it finished in no time I"m sure. I'm sure you will do better on your next class. Since you're in the accounting field of work, I'm sure you've forgotten more than the instructors even know. LOL Keep your chin up; you'll do much better on your next class!!

Okay; where is the dating news????????????

Donna said...

Your dad is one tough cookie alright. It is hard to keep a good man down!
Sorry about your grade. I know it is frustrating when you try so hard. But it is a done deal now and you can move on!
What about your new man?

Rene la Frog said...

So happy your Dad is OK and out of the hospital.

valerie said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better. It's scary to have a parent in the hospital.

How cool to get your tutorial "published" on another website!

Hope you have a nice weekend...

Louisiana Momma said...

So glad to hear your dad is better and getting back to normal..

and dont be too hard on yourself over the C.. your other grades so far overshadow that one C :-)

Rachel S said...

Glad your dad is OK. It's funny, cause my dad has MRSA too, and, anytime he's in the hospital, we have to glove up and gown up and facemask up. They send him home, still having it, with nothing. I guess we're just supposed to get it too?

Nancy said...

Good news about Dad......not so good about the cube....but at least it was a little piece and could easily be stitched! Personal life interfering with school life? LOL I will finish my Mailart too, just need to figure out what I'm sending before I sew up the edges...I don't want to mess this part up.

Carolyn NC said...

Ok, just to start, LOL!!! Reeled in, hook, line, and sinker! Was not expecting the dog cleaner - too funny. Glad your dad is better; it's good he had the non-active kind. Congrats on your needlebook tutorial being featured. Don't sweat the grade; sometimes it happens. The rest of yours are good (you don't have to repeat it, do you? - ok, that would truly, for lack of a better word, suck!) Just start again and you'll be doing fine with your next one!

Emily said...

Glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. Sorry that you didn't do as well in your class as you would have liked, but at least you passed. Congratulations on that.

Lou's addictions said...

Dads are funny creatures, mine hurt his ankle at work and spent the weekend re-felting the roof of his shed. He was then called back to ER for another x-ray and told he had broken his ankle. He still wants to climb onto the roof of his garage to re-fel that too!! If I thought i could do a decent job of it I would do it for him.

5footrunt said...

Happy to hear your Dad is much better. A fridge, lol. I have no words for that :0) Sorry to hear your bummed about your grade. It stinks when you give full effort to something and don't get the result you hoped for.

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to hear your Dad is doing better and it was not the swine flu.
~Mary in TX - ILCS

Ranae said...

Whew! glad to hear your dad is doing good, that is some scary stuff.
Conrats! on the needlebook tutorial. I have to check that out. When I made my first one, I took snippets from a couple of tutorials.
Don't be bummed about the grades, could be worse
Take care!!

Alberta said...

Good to hear that your Dad is OK, but what a scare that must have given you?

Mel said...

So glad your Dad is home and doing well.
I wouldn't sweat it on your course. You passed so that is very good!

And congrats on the tutorial being posted. That is very exciting!

Mary Ivancicts said...

So glad your dad is back to his self! The new boy friend is a keeper! He sounds so wonderful!

CindyMae said...

So glad that your dad is ok! He sounds like my dad!

Debra said...

Good to hear your Dad is going much better.