Aug 2, 2010

Tale of the Neverending Puddle

Remember all the water in my basement from the flood? There was a spot by the water heater that wouldn't dry up. I thought maybe it was coming down the chimney... at first. Since it didn't dry up and seemed to be getting worse, I came to the conclusion the water heater needed to be replaced. I don't know why... it's ONLY 17 years old! (The date installed is written on the side)

I wasn't sure what size it was, so I had a friend come look at it. Apparently it wasn't the water heater at all. A little, itty-bitty 3" section of water pipe (above the water heater) had sprung a leak and was dripping down the water heater causing the puddle.

Pipe & Plumbing Compound: $7
Pipe Wrenches: $15
Time: an hour and half

No more leak... Priceless!

See the new pipe way up there? No?
The little white label gives it away.

Here's a closer look-see:

After the water was turned back on, it was nasty black. Disgusting!! After seeing inside the old pipe, it makes me not want to drink my water anymore. Ugh!

Disclaimer: I didn't replace the pipe. They were on there pretty tight so my friend did it.


Nancy M said...

Meari, if all your pipes are the original galvanized stuff, you really need to replace them!! When Brett bought his old house (1925) last year, it was the first thing they replaced. Being the DIY'r that you are I know you could do it with the new PECS plastic piping. If you are interested in more info I can have you discuss it with Carl. You don't have to use any pipe glue with it and it's flexable.

Emily said...

Yikes, glad is wasn't the water heater, an expert has to install it and you are out a lot more money.

Donna said...

Amazing. You are simply amazing.

Mel said...

Glad you got it fixed up.
Do you filter your water?

We do just because of things like corroding pipes. I figure it's safer. ;)

Jenna said...

Yick. That's some nasty stuff in your pipes! I'm with Mel. We live in a newer house and still filter our water.