Aug 4, 2010

Things I Want To Do

Tammy of "I Want To Do One More Stitch" posted this dilemma on her blog:

"Do you have a special place for storing all your brand new patterns or the ones that you want to start right after the one your doing? Where and how do you keep them? I need ideas what I am doing is not working for me. I am keeping them in a magazine sorter but its full lol and I am finding that I am forgetting about some patterns that I did want to start..."

Right now, I store the charts/kits I want to do sooner-than-later in two baskets. As you can see, both are overflowing!

This one is in my living room next to the sofa.
It also contains my on-the-go projects.

This one is in my bedroom on the nightstand next to my bed.
It contains a lot of small and medium kits I've accumulated over the years.

How about you? How do you store the projects you really want to do?


Vanessa said...

I too have a basket that sits on one of those plastic 3 drawer organizers with wheels - that I keep my fabric in, floss, and in the bottom drawer I keep all the tools and thing I need for finishing - framing, etc.
In the basket are all the new charts I purchased - I also have a table/dresser thingy next to it in the family room where I can put bags of extra floss and other kits. Sort of the same way you are doing it. You may want to type up a list of charts you have and the ones you want to do - just a suggestion.

Cythia Harris ~ said...

Well at least yours are organized nicely. My 'have to do soon' charts/kits are in one huge basket in my room thats overflowing. My other 'almost forgotten' projects are stuffed in a large cedar chest in the living room. When I need inspiration, I go through my basket. Then I feel bad for not finishing them. Oh the torture! LOL

Akila said...

Congrats on the A ::d. You realy have worked for it!!!
Am in dire need of some organizing ideas myself :( Have whole lot of left-over threads, fabrics... Waiting to see some responses :)

Carol said...

I "really want to do" all my projects :) I have a big basket under my fabric cutting table for kits, a drawer for my stitching fabric and another drawer for my floss.
Cross stitch books are on a shelf in my sewing room book shelf.

Lucy said...

I always tell my stitchy friends..never feel guilty over buying more cross stitch patterns. We are talking two separate hobbies here....collecting the patterns and doing the patterns. When you find a good way to file hobby number 1, let me know.

Julie M said...

I have to admit mine are scattered in various bags around the house with one bag missing entirely. I know it here somewhere. Just not sure where. I'd really like my brain back and if I find the person that sucked it out of my head, they're toast!

Sandra said...

I have a huge plastic container will al my UFO's, WIP's and soon to be projects.

It's a shame we don't have as much free time for "one more stitch" as we should lol

Cindy L said...

I have to admit I am also a collector of patterns and then I actually have kited up a bunch of them to do. I have way too many to even think about, all kited up (pattern, fabric, and thread) but neatly stored in a basket - just like the one in your picture, next to my stitching chair. I have a few larger baskets with more recent patterns that are on my "hope to do and one of these days I will kit them up" basket, and a basket of "if I run out of things to do, I would really like to do these patterns". I also have a smaller file cabinet filled with patterns. 2 boxes filled with fabric that I got a good deal on, and then several boxes of sorted floss. I just hope I can live long enough to stitch 1/2 of the patterns I have all kited up and ready to go! I have great ideas but never enough time =)

Sue said...

I also have two large Longaberger baskets that I use Meari!


Anonymous said...

I store them in a drawer in the spare bedroom. Outa sight, outa mind. sigh. I like your idea! I have a basket that they might just all go into tonight!!! LOL!! Thanks for the great idea and congratulations on that "A!!"
Pam K. :o)

Jenna said...

I store my wips in a basket next to my stitching area. Other WIPs and soon-to-be-started projects are ni my travel bag. The rest are stored in hanging folders. I have two boxes for them - one contains favorite designers and one of the folders contains charts I want to start soon. Kits are in an entirely different box and in no particular order since they are really jammed in there!