Aug 9, 2010

Dressmaker Space Saver 100

As I leisurely wandered around another thrift store, I wasn't finding much. I spied a little box on a bottom shelf....

I opened the box to find a cute little sewing machine! I HAD to check out the specs: 17 stitches including 3 straight stitches and 3 zig-zag, button-holer, quilting guide, and a sewing light (my Happy Lite doesn't have one). It also has a zipper foot and a button foot. Free arm that stores the accessories. Even the manual and original warranty were in the box! The only thing missing was the darning plate.

I wheeled my cart with the sewing machine box over to the nearest outlet to see if it worked, and it did! So for $15, I took my new toy home.

Dressmaker Space Saver 100 Sewing Machine

I couldn't find much history about the machine other than it was manufactured by Nelco which was a Japanese company who made machines for Montgomery Wards, Sears, and other similar department stores.

For a basic machine, it's very solid and sews really well... and it's very portable compared to my full size Kenmore. :)

If anyone is in need of a copy of the out-of-print manuals, I have them for sale for $15 each.

Little did I know when I bought this machine, that I'd be buying a treadle machine a week later!


Rachel S said...

You made out like a bandit at the thrift store. Good job!

Sue said...

I LOVE these jars!

Shelley said...

You could go into business as a thrift store goddess!

Shari said...

you need to come shopping with me how to find these treasures!!

Mary said...

I'm starting to catch up with my blog reading and came to this blog. I think we have almost the same Kenmore sewing machine. I need to get it tuned up, although I keep saying it every summer. Maybe this year.