May 13, 2007

Meet the Parents - Part II

As you know, S took me to meet the family on Easter... His Dad's side of the family. We both figured it was time to meet the Mom's. S came with me to meet my parents. He said my mother is quite animated, so unlike me. LOL, he expected her to be quiet and laid-back like I am. Both my parents were quite talkative, and it seemed everyone got along just fine.

Later in the day, S's mother and stepfather were going to be passing through town so he invited them over to MY house. (I said "thanks" LOL) Luckily, my house wasn't too messy. We grilled out and invited them to stay to eat. I found it interesting that S gave them a tour of my house to show off my photography skills. Overall, it was a nice visit.

And not too painful, as far as "Meet the Parents" goes. :)


Christine H said...

Sounds like a proud boyfriend.

Tessa said...

Phew - the first meeting is always the hardest. Sounds like it went OK.

Jenna said...

Woohoo! Glad everything went smoothly. That's a good-size hurdle to cross, and a nerve-wracking one!