May 29, 2007

Tuesday Update 5/29/07

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. Saturday was rainy. Sunday, I spent the day with S and his 2yr old son. We drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk, played in the pool (Well, they played in the kiddie pool. I just watched.) While the little one took a nap, S mowed the yard and I stitched... on two different projects!! I worked on the cover of my needlebook for the class I'm teaching. I also worked on the Cardinal that will be finished into a pinkeep at the retreat next month. We went to McDonalds for supper (yuck!) and then to the park where we saw a mother turtle laying eggs. None of us had ever seen that done up close, so it was interesting!

I passed the "Mom" test. S told me that his Mom gave him her initial assessment of me. I have a pretty face and a nice figure, and that we seem to 'click'. LOL, I found it interesting that she'd say that about my body. Oh - She and S's SIL were talking me up at a recent family function. His stepfather told him that we act like we've known each other for years. His father told his stepmother that I seem intelligent, pretty quiet -- don't usually talk unless spoken too, and that I have a nice smile but don't smile enough. His father seems to "hover" whenever I'm around. It weirds S out sometimes (and me).

Monday was a holiday in the US. I got up early and planted Lily of the Valley that I had gotten from a fellow Freecycler ( Afterwards, I was tuckered out so I took a little nap.

Then I did some major spring cleaning! Cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, which included taking plastic off the window, vacuuming the window sill, wiping down the basebords and door, taking everything off the shelves and wiping them down, plus the usual cleaning). I swear I must've moved about 5 generations of dust bunnies out of my bedroom! I dusted and polished the furniture in there (2 dressers, 2 nightstands, bookcase, headboard and footboard, 3 jewelry boxes). As a residual, the hardwood floors are now very slippery. LOL I also cleaned the glass top tables in the living room and dusted the furniture in there. By the end of the day, I was tuckered out!


Greg said...

Can I borrow you for about a week to clean my house for me. lol

Sounds like a nice weekend

stitcherw said...

Wow you were busy, but I'll bet looking around now that you have it done it looks wonderful. I really need to get busy and do some serious cleaning as well. However, something else always seems to come up to get me distracted, and when it comes to cleaning I get distracted very easily. :)

Tessa said...

Phew - I am tired just reading about your cleaning efforts :)