May 30, 2007

SBQ - Needles

How many needles do you use during a project?
Have you ever loaded up a needle for every color?
Do you use a new needle for every project or recycle your favorite needle?

I only use one needle during a project. I've never loaded up a needle for each color because I think it's too much work to load them, and to keep track of them. It'd be too easy for me to screw something up. I recycle my needles. I use them until I either loose them or they wear out.


Greg said...

I have loaded a needle for each color as I got to them and then put them on a cardboard with a magnetic strip to hold them until I needed them again. Actually it works great doing it that way. Mostly I just load one needle and use it throughout the project, a bit slower but oh well as long as the project get's done. :-)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

One needle is enough for me too! I just know I would make a boo boo somehow!!! LOL! I think I have needles I still use that are about as old as I am!

glenda said...

i only use one needle too. i am way too afraid of mixing up the colors. even if i was very careful i would always be paranoid about it.