Mar 28, 2008

Auto Zone Called Me!

Earlier this week, I sent a long letter to Auto Zone detailing out all the problems I've had with my battery since I got it from them in the Fall of 2005, which included 3 different mechanics checking my alternator, starter, etc. and replacement of one battery by AZ already. This was after receiving a code on my battery charger last week that the battery is bad! I sent this letter via the AZ website. I never dreamed I'd actually get a response, but I did.

Three days ago, I received a short email stating: "We apologize for any lack of satisfaction you received from your recent AutoZone experience. Your comments have been forwarded to the regional management team in your area, for review." The part about "recent" made me think it was a form letter response, so I gave it no further thought.

Today, I received a telephone call from the manager at the AZ store where I got the battery. Unbelievable! He went on to tell me that he didn't understand why I was having these problems because the Duralast batteries are the best on the market. (I certainly wouldn't know!) I have a meeting with him tomorrow at 9am for him to look over the car. I'm betting he's going to check the alternator, starter, and battery. I feel like telling him to give me my money back, but after 2 years they'll prorate it, more than likely. Then I'll have to find someone who's able to put a new battery in. I could do it, but after watching my brother do it twice and seeing what a PITA it is... I'd rather not. LOL

Of course, this all transpired before I found out the serpenting belt keeps the battery charged. I'm still trying to figure out how that is...


Terry said...

Hopefully after all you've gone through with the serpentine belts and the batterie(s) your car will work like new. (almost new would be good too)

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned that in all this time, nobody (including me!) thought to check the serpentine belt.

And the serp isn't what actually charges the battery. What it DOES do is drive the alternator (along with the starter and flywheel and air conditioner and a bunch of other things), and the alternator charges the battery while you drive. Your electrical systems all draw power from the battery, even while you're driving, so a constant recharge flow is essential.

When the serp goes bad and starts cracking, it slips on those wheels in the picture you posted instead of driving everything smoothly. And all of those engine parts lose function a little bit. And then your electrical system draws more power out of the battery than is being put into it, and soon you don't have enough battery power to start the engine or run the lights or power steering and windows.

I'm just glad it wasn't so bad that you lost power steering while on the road. I've never seen a serp that ugly before!!!

Chiloe said...

You are spending a lot of time at shops lately: great wau to meet guys !!! lol

Jenna said...

I'm amazed that the AutoZone manager actually called you! Good luck for you!