Mar 31, 2008

What Is This 3/20/08 Answer

Three men in a tub...

I had a dilemma with the answers on the 3/20 What Is This contest. Several people had guesses that could've been right, but only a few named it for what it was. So I decided to put those names in a hat and choose a winner.

As I aimlessly wandered around the new SuperWalmart a few weeks ago, I came upon it. The answer to all my prayers! LOL, maybe not THE answer, but it sounded good, didn't it? I found a SOAP SAVER.

It's like a shower puff, but it opens up and you can put a full bar of soap, or lots of soap slivers in it. It lathers up really well, too! The only complaint I have about it is the little plastic closure thingy doesn't grip very well and sometimes soap falls out. I know I have better ones in my stash... if I EVER get it unpacked!

I'd been saving soap slivers for years, reusing them in various ways. Once I made liquid soap out of them. I'd thought about making shavings out of them and then melting it into a new bar of soap. With a soap saver, I can just shove those little pieces in there are use it at bath/shower time! For less than $2, re-use can get any easier. Can you tell I'm big on re-using, recycling, and reducing waste?

And now for the winner...

*drum roll*

CINDY in Illinois

Congratulations, Cindy!

Other winners of previous What Is This contests:
• Patty Smith in Canada
• Anita Sorrells in Illinois


Chiloe said...

3 men in a tub ... well Meari, you are getting greedy ;) lol

Kathryn said...

Ha, ha, ha. I don't think I could get my husband to use that. But I do make "soap layers". I carefully squeeze together the smaller wet slivers onto a new bar of hotel soap. It's actually not too hard since lots of hotel soaps are concave. We travel so much that I don't think we have actually bought soap in years.

Coral said...

Congratulations to the ladies who even had a clue - I didn't!!

What a great idea! I haven't seen one of those in SA.