Mar 27, 2008

Gripe, Groan & Complain...

That’s how I feel today. It all started last night...

No, this isn't about money. Since the weather was nice, I thought I’d bring some wood in for the fireplace rather than wait until today when it snowed, sleeted, and rained. Good thinking on my part, don’tcha think? I had a few 2-3” tree branches that needed to be cut up, so I set about doing that with a combo mitre saw ( LOL) -- Hey, it works! Just be prepared for kickbacks. I didn’t have a secure grip on a branch and the saw grabbed it and kicked it… smashing two of my fingers in the process. I think a few profane words came out of my mouth. I’m not sure, as my fingers REALLY hurt! Today, they feel bruised and a little warm to the touch. I don’t think they’re broken since I can still bend them and type without them hurting. I did get that wood cut up, though!

Car Recall & Other Repairs
Today, I took my car to the GM dealer to get the manifold gasket replaced per the recall letter I talked about a few days ago. For those who care: The recall is for the 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3.8L supercharged engine.

Within an hour, the service department called me to tell me the serpentine belts needed to be replaced and did I want them to do that. Had I NOT already known that they needed to be replaced, I would’ve thought to myself: What a racket… Get the car in for a recall, and try to up-sell other repairs! I knew the GM dealer would charge me an arm and a leg to replace the belts, but I gave them an opportunity to give me a quote. They were going to call me back with one. My mind spoke again (Funny how it talks to me, LOL): Great, you do that! Meantime, I’m going to call around town and get my own quotes. I could also hear T telling me a while back: “But you’re getting genuine GM parts!” Phooey on that. GM called me back and their quote was $75 higher than everyone else’s (I called 4 different places). I politely declined and made an appointment with a shop I’ve dealt with before. Meantime, the manifold gasket was replaced free of charge. Who knows what they would’ve charged me for that repair.

Tomorrow I’ll be up early again in order to get my car to the shop by 7:30am so they can get me to work on time. Two serpentine belts coming right up! I really can’t complain about the repairs as I haven’t had trouble with the car, other than the battery problems. I’ve known for almost a year the belts needed to be replaced, so it’s now time.

Freecycle Woes
Anyone who’s an avid reader of my blog... I’m still stoked that I have fans!... knows that I’m a big advocate of Freecycle. What you may not know is I’m one of the moderators of our local Freecycle group. The basic rule of Freecycle is: Items posted or asked for have to be FREE and the jist of the organization is to reduce the amount of “stuff” that goes to the landfill, not to borrow… barter… or sell things.

Several weeks back, I rejected a post because a person was asking for a recipe. I sent a polite explanation as to why the post could not be approved. Next thing I know, he/she is sending a LONG post to the group (luckily on moderated status) going on a tirade about how UNFAIR it was that a few weeks ago a post went to the group asking to borrow an engine lift, and how everyone should be treated the same, blah, blah, blah. It was a page long! This person also DEMANDED an apology and threatened to go to the newspaper about it. LOL I sent a short email back to him/her stating that there are several moderators and the other post probably was accidentally approved. I also said: “I’m sorry you feel you were treated unfairly. I treat everyone the same, according to the rules of Freecycle.” I figured that would be the end of it… but NO! (Do you think any of the other moderators stepped up to diffuse this? They all got the same “waiting to be approved” message I did.) Next, I received an email telling me it was a poor excuse for an apology. LOL “Not an apology, just an explanation.” is what I responded and left it at that.

Last week, I accidentally approved a message from someone selling dogs. I hit the “approve” instead of “reject” button… going too fast and not paying attention, I guess. Immediately, I contacted the person who posted the message telling them it was inappropriate AND I sent a message to the group apologizing for what I did. I received a couple of emails stating “We all make mistakes, you mods do a good job.”

Today… I received an email from the “recipe” person stating: “Speaking of apologies, I’m still waiting for mine.” WTH!! I promptly deleted it. Not getting anymore responses from me. Obviously, the newspaper hasn't gotten wind of this human interest story yet. I think the TV newscrews should be called, too. LOL

This brings me to the guy wanting to borrow a hoist. I thought his post was accidentally approved, but he posted another message asking for the same thing to which I contacted him, and told him the post wasn’t according to Freecycle rules. After some investigation, I found out he wasn’t on moderated status and I put him back on. He was offended and asked “Since when… You new moderators… blah, blah, blah.” I’ve been a moderator on Freecycle for several years. I’ve given a lot away, and gotten a few things. I’ve read the Freecycle site (obviously he didn’t because he didn’t know what the purpose of Freecycle was). Cripes! I sent him the mission statement of the Freecycle site, and sent a Friendly Reminder to the group about the purpose of Freecycle. He didn’t like that, so he sent a message to the local “For Sale” group telling everyone he’s starting a new group where people can trade and barter. Oh, and he put a little blurb in there about the “Freecycle moderator won’t let me ask this on that group” so I’m starting my own group. Have at it, friend! Not saying I was THE moderator, I posted a message to the “For Sale” group stating my “understanding” of the Freecycle organization, informing everyone of the local barter group that was already set up, and wishing him well in his new group. Haven’t heard from him since. LOL

What is it with people who think they’re “entitled” to disregard the rules? It’s not like I’m rude in any of the communications I send. Anyone who’s in my stitching groups knows this. I’ve actually gotten compliments on how “diplomatically” I handle the exchanges I coordinate and firmly set the expectations without offending people. I just don’t get it!

OK, enough of the gripes, groans, and complaints!

*stepping carefully off the soapbox*


Terry said...

Some people just feel they are entitled to do whatever. I believe that they figure if they are caught trying to do something they shouldn't that they should attack rather than apologize for their stupidity. The group is better off without those two that you've had problems with anyway so hopefully you won't have to deal with them. You do a great job as moderator on ILCS so I KNOW you do a great job on the Freecycle group too. Keep up the good work!!

Kendra said...

3 words: Self-titled VIP's

There are FAR too many of this kind of person in the world...the kind who are SO important that silly things like rules and regulations don't apply to them. And when they get caught or someone enforces the rules on them...well! I'm a VIP! I shouldn't have to follow the rules because I'm so doggone IMPORTANT!

That kind of person irritates the crud out of me, to no end.

Jennifer said...

People can be such jerks sometimes. Really, what's so hard about following the rules?

Kendra said...

Wanted to add...

I love how this kind of person can't just quietly walk away from something. They have to PUBLICIZE everything, and keep hounding and bugging people. I don't think people like this want an apology, they want an audience to try and needle into giving in and letting them do what they want.

Such class, huh? :-)

Nic said...

I'm glad you stuck to your guns with the dimwits on Freecycle. I don't think most people bother to read about the site, they just think "wow! somewhere where I can get free stuff" and then dive in regardless. Unfortunately, on our group, the mods are very inconsistent, and it can be very irritating!

Jenna said...

You go girl! I think that you dealt with everything with the same level of professionalism that you've shown in other aspects of your life. I applaud your ability to stand your ground and not allow yourself to get sucked into the fray.

Lisa said...

Hiya Meari! You did a wonderful job handling the situation. I'm a freecycler locally, (thanks to you!) and at times I see some weird posts...I'm with Kendra...some are just attention seeking Lisa :-)

Marita said...

The Melbourne Freecycle (MFC) group got so big it decided to start an offshoot Yahoo Group MFC Cafe.

At the Cafe you can advertise garage sales, ask recipes, get recommendations for good tradespersons etc. All the stuff that isn't official freecycle business. Is a wonderful idea.

glenda said...

good grief. people can be such incredible idiots.

way to stick to your guns and do the right thing!