Mar 31, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 3/31/08

Ugh... “You have three weeks until the next test.” Couldn’t the B-Law II instructor let us savor our moments of relief in *just* completing our second test of the semester before telling us when the next one was? Photobucket Last Tuesday, we had our second test. I had 16 pages of typewritten notes to study from. 16! The first test, I had 11. Who knows how many I’ll have for the third test. LOL I can’t say how well I did because I thought I did good the last time and ended up with a “C”. This is how I approach taking these horrendous tests -- and I’m NOT exaggerating when I say “horrendous” -- I literally have to concentrate on one question at a time and not look any farther otherwise I’d get overwhelmed and start panicking. If I panic, I’m done for.

I found out that I won’t be having “homework” per se in my Advanced Access class. Our homework is the class project of setting up a database with various requirements. Guess what I decided to do? I’m setting up one for Needlework! When I told the instructor that on the first day of class, her eyes lit up. She used to be a stitcher, but had to stop due to some problems with her hands. My project is way more than what is required for class, but I figured if I’m going to set one up I may as well set it up for what I think I could use it for, especially now that I have the Access program at home.

So far, I’m including details on charts, fibers, fabrics, beads, embellishments, WIPs, and needlework shops. If you have an ideas that would make this a comprehensive stash program, let me know.

The instructor seemed quite impressed with my idea.

Get Fit Program
This is the last week for the program sponsored by the local hospital and fitness centers. The team we put together at work is ranked at 54 out of 86 total, so we’re not doing too bad. In two weeks, we go to get our final screening (BP, BF, weight, cholesterol, etc) done so we can compare it to our beginning screening. This time around my focus was on getting into an exercise routine and sticking with it. I think I did a pretty good job, although the past two weeks I’ve been slacking... barely getting in 3 days/week of exercise. I haven’t done a very good job of maintaining the 5-a-Day fruits and vegetables.

"Measure success in more than pounds. Take pride in feeling better and being healthy and fit for life." How fitting! This came in our weekly Get Fit newsletter.

I’m still doing Leslie Sanstone’s Walking Away The Pounds 3-mile Fat Burning video. 45 minutes of cardio, half of which also incorporates weight/strength training. I really like this video. This week, I’ve managed to fit in 3 workouts.

In my part of the world, March is leaving like a lion. Around 3am, I woke to the sounds of loud thunder. I’d heard there was lightning, too. It’s pouring some major rain and forecasters say we might get hail and a tornado. I hope not! At least, Spring is FINALLY here.


Chelle said...

Your Access needlework database sounds like it's going to be great! I've always wanted to make my own because I've never seen one that has enough details to suit me. I want to track *everything*!! LOL

Kathryn said...

My filemaker database is no where near complete, but it works for me.

I only have five tables and only three are linked together.

ThreadID (key, Manufacturer&ColorNumber)
Color Number
ColorID (color suffix for Kreiniks like V or H)
Color Name
# Have
Made of
NeedsLabel (autofilled for new entries so that later I can make labels for Floss*Away bags
Color Bobbin (I also have some DMC wound on bobbins to more easily see the colors for designing)
Check Out to (for large projects I can "check out" and entire Floss*Away bag instead of just removing one skein)

DesignerPattern (combo key for linking table)
Pattern Picture
Date Published
Cloth Used
Length (in inches on recommended cloth)
Width (in inches on recommended cloth)
Stitch Height
Stitch Length
Date Started
Date Finished
Given To

Threads by Pattern (linking table)
PatternID (DesignerPattern)
Color Number
Color Name (auto lookup in Threads)

I also have two stand alone tables, but I could link them as Jennifer has done to specific patterns.

Month (numeric)
Keywords (to specific patterns in the magazine that I might want to stitch)

Fabric Name
Color Name
Width (inches)
Length (inches)
How Big? (width x length)

Jennifer has a link between Patterns and Fabrics that lists all the possible fabrics she owns that might fit a pattern. I might do that next.

I'm interested in what you come up with!

Deirdre said...

Love your access project:)

I woke to Thunder and rain at 4 AM. It was quite a storm.

sales said...

I like your idea of a needlework database. I might have to do that as well.
I am sure you will do just fine on your next test.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Meari, My poor head is spinning with all you're doing. Good grief! Especially those tests! How you manage all your other things in addition to that is beyond me...:p I just have to say that though I've had lists and data on my supplies...I still just find myself rummaging around and scavaging my stash. Does this just make me simply a pirate??? :] Also, please change your personal logo from that frosty snowman to something more cheerful and sprite!! It's 90 degrees in Naples!! We want you out of the tornados and thunderstorms! Yikes!! LOL Sending love and hugs,

Christine H said...

We had thunder yesterday, too. Bet your database will be great.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder where that blinkie came from!? LOL They really say it like it is, don't they? Hope things start getting better. I loved your next post, BTW. Laughed...not at you, but the situation in general. Glad you didn't say that to the mechanic!


Cindy said...

B-Law was never one of my favorites, but your Access class sounds like a loads of fun (seriously)! It sure does help when you can incorporate needlework (and a personal need) into the class requirements. I have to agree, that sure makes it seem a lot less like work :) I have taught myself a lot of cool tricks with Access at work lately, but really should do something practical (like a needlework database!!!) with it at home.

March left here like a lion, too. It was so warm and humid yesterday, it was disgusting. But the temps dropped and it was terribly windy!