Apr 1, 2008

When It Rains... It Pours


I could say: "April Showers", but alas we received POURING rain yesterday. Before I go on with my tale of woe, I just want to say that I really feel like I've been whining and complaining too much lately! Do I have some dark cloud over my head that all these "issues" keep happening? I hope not!

Bring on the "May Flowers"! (please)

*slosh, slosh, slosh*

I look down at the passenger side floor of my car as I'm pulling out of the parking lot at lunch time. What the?!?

OMG! I stop and throw the car into park and lift the recessed toilet paper holder -- still in the bag and full of water, waiting to be returned to the store -- out of a 1.5" puddle of water sitting on the floor.

I watch in disbelief as water streams from the box as I say a quick prayer to the customer service gods that it will dry well enough so that it’s still returnable.

I do a quick check to see if the drivers side floor is wet, or any other part of the car for that matter. The rest is good.

After I got home, I hoisted the shop vac up the basement stairs with its hose thrown over my shoulder. Keep in mind, I *AM* in my good work clothes. (Another quick prayer that I don’t get too dirty that I’ll have to change.)

Thoughts often run through my head about what my neighbors think about the various things I end up doing on my lunch hour. LOL

Whoever came up with the shop vac idea is a genius. That thing has saved me on more than one occasion. By the time I finished sucking all the water out of the car, it was time to go back to work. On the way back, I thought I’d turn on the heat and try to dry to carpet.

ACK! In comes more water!! Instead of going back to work, I made a beeline to the mechanic downtown... the one who just replaced my serpentine belt. Bit O Trivia: His godfather is Dustin Hoffman. He set me up for an appointment today to figure out why all that water came in.

Prognosis: There’s a cowl/weather guard that directs water (when it comes down the windshield) away from the car. Did I mention we had a MAJOR downpour yesterday morning? Apparently, the factory adhesive came loose allowing water to go into the blower then into the car. (Which would probably explain why more water came in after I turned on the fan!)

“Do you want me to fix it?” he asks.

Hello? Of course I want it fixed! (I didn’t say that to him, though. LOL)

After I paid the bill, I told the lady at the desk that I hoped this would be the last trip down there for a while. She’s not very friendly. :(

Here's an aside: The mechanic told me that they had 7 cars towed into the shop yesterday. It rained so hard that the tanks at the Philips 66 got water into them (How? I have no idea!). So anyone who pumped gas into their car... Guess what? Water in the the gas tank. People drove a few blocks before their cars died and had to be towed. Can you say UNHAPPY CAMPERS? I'm grateful I wasn't one of them. In retrospect, maybe the water on the floor wasn't so bad.

*doing the hand weighing thing* Water on the Floor, Water in the Tank, Water on the Floor, Water in the Tank. Yep. Water on the floor isn't so bad.

I think I need a vacation...


Kendra said...

My goodness, I would be freaking out if that ever happened to me! Water should not be pouring IN to a car!

Glad you got it fixed and hopefully you won't have to deal with the unfriendly woman any time soon. :-)

Christine H said...

I agree you need a vacation somewhere warm and dry. If you find a place let me know, I might want to come too. LOL

Chiloe said...

YOu don't need a vacation: you need to marry a mechanic !!! lol

Coral said...

Oh, yes I have the 'water in the car' thing happening, and we know what is causing it, and cannot fix it!!


Jenna said...

Oh sheesh! I'm afraid to ask what's next for you and your poor car. At least it sounds like it was a pretty easy fix for the mechanic. And yes, water on the floor much better than water in the tank. I hope that you see some sunshine soon!

glenda said...

ok. it's time for some serious wonderful to come flying out of your car vents.

with all the crap that has been going on in your world, anyone would be in serious "frustration release" mode.

Julie R said...

" "Do you want me to fix it?” he asks' "

"NO, I think I will just make my car into a portable hot tub. Here's your sign"