Apr 28, 2008

Works of Art

Number One
Finally! It’s almost like a work of art... a CLEAN refrigerator. Just like everything else I’ve cleaned at The Homestead, the refrigerator hadn’t been cleaned in I don’t know how long. One of the deli drawers still had food in it from the previous owner, who hadn’t live in the house for a least a year before I bought it. Yeah... I know... it SOUNDS disgusting. However it was packaged food like processed cheese, sausage and ketchup packets. The reason it was still in the refrigerator is because when I moved in, my Mom just threw my stuff in the refrigerator on the shelves, and then I set a book shelf (for my MANY cookbooks) against the wall that the fridge door opened toward. With the bookshelf there, I couldn’t open the door wide enough to pull the deli drawer out to clean the food out.

I made time on Saturday to pull the books off the shelf, move the shelf, and clean the entire refrigerator. I took everything out... food, shelves, drawers. A sink full of hot water, Dawn, Softscrub Gel and away I went!

While cleaning, I had a brainstorm idea. I can hear the crowd now: “Uh Ohhh” Since I had all the shelves and drawers pulled out of the refrigerator, why couldn’t I put the aforementioned “problem” deli drawer on the OTHER side of the refrigerator so that I can actually use it? Yes, I told myself… You are SO smart! LOL I also arranged the heights of the shelves to positions more convenient to me.

Two hours later, I emerged victorious... and quite pleased with myself, I might add! I almost don’t want to put food in there. LOL

Number Two
I’ve been putting off mowing the yard because it’s either been raining or really cold. I should’ve mowed my yard the ONE day last week it was nice... like my one neighbor did. Driving up and down my street and seeing everyone else’s newly mowed yards has been making me feel guilty that mine wasn’t. The perks of living in a better neighborhood. My neighbor on the other side of me hasn’t mowed his either, but his place looks like Home of the Rednecks… and they act like it, too. But hey, he was nice enough to snow blow my driveway.

I finally bit the bullet on Sunday night and pulled out my 20+ year old lawnmower, courtesy of Freecycle. Imagine my surprise when she started up on the first pull. After I finished mowing, my backyard looked like a mowed hayfield. The front looks great, so I guess that’s all that matters. Now I just need to find time to weed and prepare the flower beds and container gardens.


~V said...

HA! I did the same task #1 this weekend....altho I live here, I'm not sure HOW long it's been since *I* cleaned it lol

as for mowing..our grass is still growing and it's pouring rain!

Debra said...

Meari, we started mowing last week and our electric mow quick. Now half the front is mowed and the other half is looking really bad. LOL!
Debra in Indiana

Carol R said...

I have 3 pet hates - cleaning the oven, the freezer and the fridge! Ken was home last week and did all 3 - am I spoiled or what?!! He's home this week - now what other jobs can I find for him to do? lol

Mylene said...

Good for you, Meari. I kept putting off mine, i mean the freezer but have to do it soon. Never done mowing but have to in the near future as dh often away for work.

Nancy said...

Yuck, I hate that job too! We just got a new fridge after xmas, so I shouldn't have to deal with that for awhile! DH has mowed twice already and I just got approved for the local freecycle. I should have done that before we threw away a LOT of stuff from my FIL's house. Oh well, I am sure I have more stuff I can get rid of!

Betty said...

I totally relate to the wonderful feeling of having a completely clean fridge! And it's even better if you can manage to do it before you go grocery shopping, as there's less to "deal" with. After it's all shiny and clean is the time to head to the stores to fill up all that newly emptied space.

Jenna said...

Isn't it lovely to have a clean refrigerator? Especially if you haven't had a chance to clean it since you moved in. We got to clean ours when that part when bad a few months ago and we had to throw all of the food away. Good time to clean while it's empty!

Terry finally sharpened the blades on the mower last weekend and mowed a good chunk of the lawn, but there is still some to go. He let it get too high, so he has to make a lot of trips to empty the bags on the bagger.