Apr 27, 2008

Surprise x 2

In reading the brochure for the local non-profit animal shelter, I found it interesting that they get no state funding whatsoever. It runs through donations and two major fundraisers a year: the rummage sale and chili day. This weekend was the rummage sale. Today was Fill-A-Bag for $1 from 9am-1pm. I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I stopped by.

Surprise #1 -- At 9:30, it was a madhouse! People were filling bags like crazy!! Tables were in disarray. I couldn't believe it. I wandered my way around the room, from table to table, hoping to find something that I "needed" (LOL). Nothing caught my fancy until I saw this:

Stitched Ornament

One can never have too many spools of thread, so I grabbed those too. There wasn't much in the way of crafty stuff at the sale.

Surprise #2 -- When I took my "finds" to the cashier, she looked at it and then looked at me and said: "You're gonna pay $1 for THAT?" I was a bit put off... afterall, wasn't the purpose of the sale to raise funds for the shelter? And she obviously doesn't KNOW how much work went into the ornie! The tassel was handmade to match and it was finished beautifully. Plus with 5 spools of thread, it was definitely worth a dollar.

I was happy to rescue to ornie!


Kendra said...

Some people have absolutely NO clue as to what it takes to make something by hand. And for her to make that comment about you buying it...since the shelter is funded through donations and fundraisers only, every single dollar should be appreciated! Hopefully she was just an event volunteer and not affiliated with the shelter on a regular basis...I'd hate for the folks at the shelter to come off as unappreciative!

Sharon said...

I think the ornament is lovely! Your right the cashier is definitey not aware of the time and effort put into stitching!

Terry said...

Very nice find and you helped out the shelter too. Sounds like the cashier needs to be taught the fine art of cross stitching!

Patty Smith (ILCS) said...

what a deal I would have gladly paid $1.00 for those goodies as well.Nice ornie.

Jenna said...

Oh my, what a terrible attitude the cashier has toward handmade items. The ornament looks beautiful and I'm glad that it has found a good home with you now.

NHStitcher said...

I would have gladly paid more than a dollar for that pretty ornament!

stitcherw said...

That certainly was worth way more than the $1, some people really have no idea of the value of things. What a lovely ornament, I'm glad you were able to give it a good home.