Apr 12, 2008

Oh-Me Oh-My

One day last week, I had to deliver something to a client. I noticed one of the gas stations was 11cents cheaper than all the rest on the same street. Needless to say, it was a busy station! Since I needed to get gas, I figured I'd stop on the way back to the office. It was less than 5 minutes to the client's office and the gas station. By the time I got back, the price had changed to match all the other stations on the street!! Go figure.

Here's a couple of neat sites to keep tabs on gas prices:

Gas Price Watch
Gas Buddy


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is always the way it works! My hubby swears they know when he needs gas and raise the price.

Kendra said...

This is standard protocol. Not so bad in our town, but where my parents live - 45 minutes away - they change the gas prices in the blink of an eye...they jumped 20¢ one afternoon recently, and I've seen them jump 50¢ over the course of a couple days.

I know as the price of oil increases, the price of gas increases, but not 20¢ at once. I'm no economics master, but I know a 50¢ increase over the course of a few days isn't just simple supply and demand.

Chiloe said...

Prices are high here too: 1.40 € a liter so it will be like $5.40 a gallon. The goverment takes a lot of taxes on gas here :-((

Nancy said...

Thanks for the link! I see several big differences in the prices just in my little town! We need to get gas today to fill up an Expedition we borrowed yesterday so we are going to the cheapest station.

Anonymous said...

I think that station made the news for the signage error. At least, I know I remember seeing a story about one up your way that transposed numbers and spent about an hour selling gas at a huge discount until a manager could get in and fix it.

And Kendra, I've sadly become very accustomed to those monster jumps this past year or two.