Apr 23, 2008

SBQ: Blended Flavors

How do you handle blended threads? Do you kit the blends up before you start a piece, or do you grab what colors you need and blend when the need arises? If you kit up the blends beforehand, how do you store them? Do you have another option for blends to share?

I've only done one piece that had a LOT of blended threads. I started out blending them as I went, but that got old really fast not to mention it slowed down my stitching. So then I did up the blended colors in a small amount so I wouldn't end up wasting floss. I use cardboard bobbins, so I just put the blended colors on there with the numbers. Any little bit of left over blended threads were pulled apart and re-wound onto the appropriate bobbin. So I guess I did a combination!


Vicki said...

Hi there! I've come over from the SBQ group to have a look around. I love the chocolate freebie and have saved it! Thank you!

sales said...

I do the same thing as you. I keep a strand of each available and keep a needle for all of the symbols. I still find it a pain though. TW designs have tons of blended threads.