Apr 7, 2008

Get Fit Challenge

My faithful readers know that I've been participating in The Get Fit Challenge sponsored by the local hospital and health clubs. It's a 12-week program that started in January and the purpose is to make life changes while trying to get fit.

At the beginning of the challenge, participants are required to go through a health screening that included blood pressure, total cholesterol, weight and body composition. Throughout the 12 weeks, points are accumulated for exercising, eating five servings of fruits/vegetables per day and drinking 32 oz. of water each day. We were required to log our progress each week on the Get Fit website. At the end of the 12 weeks, participants attend a final health screen.

Last week was the final week of the challenge. I have my final screening on Wed. I am really curious to know how my numbers changed.

I tried a new aerobics tape on Saturday. It was step aerobics. I got a kick out of the tape because it's an 80's Jane Fonda video. It was one of the tapes I got from Freecycle a while back. I also got one of those aerobic "steps". I'd been looking at them in the store for quite a while. Couldn't believe it when someone posted one on Freecycle! Admittedly, it was a bit dirty when I got it, but I didn't have a problem cleaning it up. It looks great now and I saved $30! The day after I did the workout, I was SO sore. (I guess that means it did the job, right?)

Nancy... I'm keeping YOU accountable. ;-) You want to win that bet, don't you?


Jenna said...

Ah, the infamous step. No wonder you were sore afterwards. Good for you! I'm on a roll with working out on the Gazelle. I've done anywhere from 15-30 mins the past four days in a row. Woohoo!

Nancy said...

Ok, ok, I have been very good on my "diet". I am drinking tons of water, even had to pee 4 times at work and thats a LOT!!! I think I have gotten at least 3 servings of fruit & veggies. Still haven't exercised. Can't figure out what I want to do yet...... still need to search the net for those ball DVD's I really liked a couple years ago.

stitcherw said...

I remember those step workouts. In fact, I think I might even still have one of Jane's arobic tapes on my collection. However, I'd be scared to try and do it now, as I don't remember even being able to really do it back then, LOL. Glad you're doing so well with sticking with the challenge. Also, Mime looked great in your earlier post, nice progress.