Apr 21, 2008

Meari's Monday Update 4/21/08

I had a pretty uneventful weekend. The weather was great and aside from stepping out once in a while just to breathe the fresh air and feel the sun on my face, I didn't spend much time outdoors.


Because I have B-Law Test #3 tomorrow night. I managed to finish all my reading and notetaking over the weekend. Now I just have to finish typing my notes to study from. It's probably a weird way to study, but I find it easier to retain what I've learned by first handwriting notes while I read and during lecture. Second, I retype them on the computer to reinforce what I've learned and to collate class notes with my reading notes. Lastly, I print the notes out to study from right before the test. I'm worried about this one because it's over business entities, stocks, bonds, and laws governing securities -- subject matter I'm not too familiar with.

Weekly Workouts
I managed to get 4 good workouts in last week. One night, I did an hour's worth of walking... fast-paced, sweat-creating power walking. Much to my surprise, I was SO sore the next day. My thighs, calves, and even arms were sore! I would've thought that with all the Walking Away The Pounds workouts I'd been doing I wouldn't have been so sore. Karin pointed out to me that I'm using different sets of muscles walking in place vs. actual walking. Makes sense!

HEY Nancy... How's the weight loss coming?!?

More Yummies
Here's a quick little meal I made: BBQ turkey on lightly toasted wheat and steamed broccoli.

Stitchy Stuff
Aside from the LK charts I have on order with the local LNS, I've put myself on a stash diet. I'm thinking I should stay on one for a while (aside from getting necessities called for in charts that I have) until I figure out how I'm going to store my stash. Everything is still in boxes because I haven't found a storage cabinet yet. Stash that I've bought since the move is thrown on a corner table in my living room (Yeah, looks tacky!).

I did manage to get about an hour's worth of stitching in last night. I worked on Jingles. He now has an entire body. Nancy in MI was kind enough to send me some jingle bells for his hat. Thank You, Nancy! I still have 9 days to finish Jingle as my Monthly Ornament SAL. Then I'll be back to working on Mime.

Freebie of the Week
I thought I'd start posting a link to a freebie each week. For all of the chocolate lovers out there:

Chocolate Breakfast
by Fiddle Stitch Cottage


Shari said...

your weekend sounds as eventful as mine Meari! But>>>>>I loved my weekend! I accomplished a lot of much needed stitching!!!
Keep up the great work on your exercise. I KNOW it works!!!! I have dropped about 12 pounds & feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Shari said...

your weekend sounds as eventful as mine Meari! But>>>>>I loved my weekend! I accomplished a lot of much needed stitching!!!
Keep up the great work on your exercise. I KNOW it works!!!! I have dropped about 12 pounds & feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Terry said...

Good luck on the exam tomorrow night. I'm sure you will do just fine with all the studying you've been able to do.

sales said...

Good luck on the test in B-Law. I am sure you will do just fine! Isn't strange how sore you can get with some work outs, even ones you've done before. Happens to me too. I love the chocolate chart. I have a glass of chocolate milk with breakfast every morning. My day just isn't right without it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your test!!! My weekend was quite uneventful as well, yesterday I didn't even bother to get out of my pyjama LOL...I was just laaaaaaazy :-)
Thanks for the freebie link, this is a nice pattern (especially for a chocolate addict!).

Mylene said...

Goodluck with the test tomorrow, Meari.
My weekend was a bit crazy due to dh's b-day celebration. Will update my blog later this week, have to work these few days first.

Nancy said...

You will ACE your test!!! I got out on the golf course this weekend, so my stitching will begin to suffer. Diet is fine, although I did have a bridal shower to go to and had dessert! Forgot about the DVD's I was bidding on while watching a movie last night and got outbid!! Got my eye on another group of them. I know, excuses, excuses!!! I am losing a little, I know it would be faster with exercise......sigh......

Lody said...

how did your test go? i'm sure you passed it with flying colors.:)

i remember at some point back in college, i used to voice record my lessons then listen to it over and over on a walkman. i even sleep at times with the headset on. lol glad i'm done with it...

some things are not doing well here lately, and my weekend was a little bit awful.

been a while since i visited your blog and i enjoyed reading all your posts, specially the yummy food. hmmnnn, now i gotta go get something to eat. lol

Chiloe said...

Can you give me the title of the walking DVD you are using? I'll see if I can find it here. Thanks.

Hope you do great on your test !!!

Barbara said...

I'm sure you did great on your test since you always do. ;D And thanks so very much for the link to the chocolate chart. I've printed it out and definitely plan to stitch it. I believe chocolate is one of the basic food groups. ;D
Barb in TX

headway said...

Great blog! Thank you so much for the chocolate chart! I am a confirmed chocoholic, so this one is printed and ready to kit... lol

Hugs, Dee

Gorgoglio said...

I'm getting hungry congrats on the finish

Emily said...

Cute freebie.
Hope your test went well! :)