Apr 25, 2008

You Have To Wonder About...

... some people! If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm an avid fan of Freecycle. I've benefited a little by receiving a few items, and benefited a lot from giving to those in need. In addition, items were kept from going to the landfill.

With that said... Here comes my RANT:

As Freecycle moderator, my job is to enforce the rules set up by Freecycle and approve messages that go to the public at large. Yesterday, there were 7 posts by the same woman asking for "Gently Used" clothing & jackets, sheet sets, comforters, entertainment center, TV stand, couch & loveseat, computer desk w/hutch, kitchen table and chairs (because the one she was given was OLD), and outdoor table & chairs. Not only did she post to my city's Freecycle group, she also posted to another city's group.

First, common sense would tell me... If big items are "Gently Used" people would not normally be giving them away on Freecycle. They would be selling them to recoup some of their cost. "Gently Used" items normally wouldn't be ending up in the landfill. Second, Freecyclers aren't in the business of setting up "house" for others. Lastly, the lady just comes off as being greedy.

I have also seen people asking for items such as iPods, and cell phones.. but not just any cell phone... ones with cameras and other specifics detailed out. What the... ?!? I'd like an iPod... Do I think someone on Freecycle is going to JUST give me one? Noooo. C'mon people! Geesh.

*stepping down off the soapbox*

With that said, I offered a bunch of items on Freecycle. Two people have come and picked some of the things up.

One was a guy who clearly was not well-to-do, but making-do. He picked up a popscicle mold for his 7yr old and before he left, he asked me if there was anything I was looking for (from Freecycle). Talk about thoughtful! He sent me an email afterwards thanking me and telling how much he appreciated it.

The other was a lady who picked up a nice pair of shoes that I couldn't fit my fat feet into (LOL). She later sent me an email about how much she liked them and how comfty they were. This morning when I went to set more items on my porch to be picked up, a piece of paper fell to the ground when I opened the door. Here the lady had written me a thank you note!

See... it's people like these that make Freecycle worth the effort. People helping people, and helping the environment.


Jenna said...

Freecycle is a great idea. Terry's just not fond of the idea of people coming to the house to pick things up... I don't think he wants people to know where we live.

Terry said...

I love freecycle just not those people who jump to ask/respond to your offer and then never show or contact you again. I've seen some requests that like you've listed have me shaking my head. Got to laugh at them! So, as a moderator what can you do about those greedy people?!?!

Debra said...

The same thing goes on in our Freecycle all the time.
Debra in Indiana

Paisley said...

I've given away a number of things on Freecycle. I'm always shocked at how fast some people respond, usually with just an "I can pick it up today". I like to wait and go through the responses and choose someone who sounds like they can genuinely use what I'm giving away. I'll also look to see if they've given something away in the past, or if they've made a lot of "WANTED" posts. And yes, I see people wanting cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras all the time!