Apr 3, 2008

Just The Essentials

What items do you consider essential to your needlework that you keep in your stitching bag?

"Essential" is such a personal and relative term, don't you think? In reality, the “essentials” are needle, floss, scissors, fabric, and chart. But, we all have items we *think* we need.

I have much, much more in my stitching bag. I actually have two “bags”. One is a messenger bag that I hardly take anywhere. I bought it for like $3 at the local Goodwill store several years ago.

I love the red lining on the inside. I has several compartments and pockets, which makes it useful for stitch stuff. I think it used to be an Amway bag. It stores my UFO’s, my floss containers, one of those fabric count rulers, and my little bag of gadgets that I might need. I bought this little clear bag at Walmart for $2.

It’s actually a cosmetic bag and it’s very sturdy. Great for stitchy gadgets! As you can see, I keep a lot of stuff in it...

The messenger bag sits on the floor by my sofa so at anytime I can grab it and go, or dig through and get what I need.

My other “bag” is a plastic expandable folder with a ziploc across the top. It’s supposed to be used to store papers, and I got it at Walmart for $2. I use this one quite often when I’m on the go... like all the trips I’ve made to the hospital for my Dad. I keep several smaller projects in it, along with my scissors on a fob and a needlebook. It’s kinda cheaply made and at the bottom where it expands has “air pockets”? where small things could fall out. I tried to find ones that didn’t have those openings, but no luck.


Chiloe said...

Waow! You are pretty organized !!! ;) I love your red bag .

Jenna said...

You sound like me with my Tinkerbell bag. I have it and there's some stuff in it, but it just never seems to go with me. Actually, I have nothing really ready to go with me at the moment, since I stopped stitching on my commute. I really like the red lining in your messenger bag, though. Quite stylish! And it sounds like you need to try one of those mesh zipper bags to replace the paper holder with holes in the bottom (who thought of that?).