Apr 28, 2008

Meari's Monday Update 4/28/08

A Feel Good Moment
Last summer, I offered my niece's old bicycle to local Freecyclers. A woman showed up with her 7yr old daughter and told me how much her daughter had been wanting a bike, but the family couldn't afford to buy her one. Apparently, the father had gone through surgery and had been their only breadwinner. The woman had also mentioned that she'd have to use the bike to go to the store because their car was repo'd due to nonpayment. After the two of them left, I got to thinking... I had an adult bike (OLD) in the garage that hadn't been used in 6 years. I emailed her and asked her if she could use it. She came back and got it. Why am I sharing this? Last Monday on my lunch hour, I saw my OLD bike chained to a telephone pole near the hospital. It made me feel good knowing I'd helped someone out and that they were actually using the bike. :) (Insert *warm fuzzies* here)

The B-Law II test was horrible. Absolutely horrible. Everyone in the class felt the same way. I think I'll be lucky to get a C on this one. The upside is: Three tests down... ONE to go... and NO FINAL! :) I won't be finding out how I did on the test until tomorrow night. In addition, I get the pleasure of listening to a three hour bankruptcy lecture given by a federal bankruptcy attorney.

I'm still plugging away at my Access project. I've named it Stash Tracking. I missed class last week (due to taking Dad to the hospital) which was OK with the instructor. I had big dreams with what I could do in the 8 week time period, but alas... I'm not going to accomplish a lot of it. It'll definitely be a work in progress for quite a while. Ha! Like I need another "project"? The good think about this project that it doesn't have to be a finished product. It's the process that the instructor wants us to go through, and of course she does have some guidelines that we need to follow.

I started my documentation today. So far it's 6 pages! Geez. There are things I need to add while I'm using the program and working on my project. Right below "Stash Tracking" (Can anyone come up with a better name?), I put the following cartoon strip:


Weekly Workouts
I managed to workout three times this week. I really need to work hard to get out of this rut I'm in. I want to get more in, but by the time I get off work and do what I need to get done... housework, homework, laundry, shopping... I barely have time to sleep (Ack, I think B-Law is getting to me). I know... excuses, excuses. It'll be over soon. Meantime, I'll try to stay in my exercise routine.

Freebie of the Week
If you'd like to download the freebie, just click on the link.

by Passione Ricamo


Nancy said...

Good for you on the workouts! Still just dieting here. Got outbid again last night on those darn DVD's!!!

Nic said...

Love the cartoon!

I'm with you on documenting the process for an assignment - I could have written a manual on my Creative Media project, but fortunately, we got a 1000 word word count - excluding footnotes, references and quotes, it's amazing what you can get away with if you put it as a footnote!

I'd be interested in seeing your final database, I think I need something like that - I started using Excel to keep records, and I'm sure I could use macros to datamine, but there has to be a better way...

Jenna said...

That cartoon is too funny! I'm not surprised that you bit off more with your tracker database than you can chew in the time allotted for the class. I started my own web software package a year or two ago, and just the specifications for the project were overwhelming. Now, if I could just remember where I left off with it and find the time to work on it again. I think I've lost my programming skills where Java is concerned, so it will be an uphill battle to figure out what I did already and what still needs to be done...

stitcherw said...

Congrats on keeping up with the workouts. I know you say you'd like to do more, but I think it is a huge accomplishment that you've stayed with your plan, so many people quite soon after starting.

What another wonderful freebie you found for us. The Chocolate one you posted earlier was delightful too. I'd seen the Chocolate one stitched up before, but didn't have a clue where the pattern might be, so it was great your posting the link.