Mar 10, 2008

Meari's Monday Update 3/10/08

Last week, I found out that I got a C on my first test in B-Law... 3 points away from a B, so I was bummed. :( I was also bummed to find out the instructor wants us to make up the two days where school was called off due to snow. So guess who will be spending Spring Break at school, not one night but two nights of B-Law II! *ack*

Recently, my city acquired a Super Walmart. The place is huge... overwhelming HUGE! Not only that, it's waaaay on the outskirts of town. Both of these things mean that I can't do my Walmart errands on my lunch hour anymore. I went to Walmart after work to get a few things. TWO HOURS later I finally walk out of the store. No one I've talked to has good things to say about this Super Walmart. What do my loyal (lol) readers have to say?

Getting Fit
Hmmm... Is it just my imagination? Walmart had some slacks on clearance for $3 (Couldn't pass THAT up!) so I tried on a size 10. They were a bit loose! I know different brands have different fits, but...? I actually have to use a belt for these slacks.

I don't know if I've shared this tidbit of information, and for some it may be TMI, but here goes: I detest yogurt. (What did you think I was going to say?) Even with the fruity stuff, I've always had a difficult time getting past the smell and then the taste of it. Yogurt ice cream, no problem. Yogurt, no way! Why am I going on about yogurt? Because it's supposed to be good for me. At least that's what experts say. Not only that, I've seen commercials on TV about yogurt drinks in the bottle. Have you actually priced one of those bottles? They're like $2-3+! Crazy. I had a brain storm idea: I bought the Walmart brand of "light" fruit-flavored yogurt (40cents), poured it into an empty juice bottle (Single serving size you can get at the gas station... with the one inch or so opening) and then filled it up part way with skim milk. Shake, then fill up the rest of the way with milk. Shake again. Viola! Yogurt drink. I've tried the Aldi's brand of yogurt - yuck. Nasty. For some reason, I can suck down my homemade yogurt drink, no problem! And at a fraction of the cost getting them at the store. Not only that, I'm keeping "green" by re-using the juice bottles. I re-fill them with water, too.

My exercise this week was dismal. :( I only worked out twice this week.

Date Night?
I had a last minute invite to a movie on Saturday night. J has been kicking around the idea of us going out on a date for some time. We saw 10,000 BC. Through the entire movie, he sat next to me with his arms crossed over his chest. I can't decide whether the theater was too cold for him (It was cold), or if it was an insight to his personality. After the movie, I thanked him and we went our separate ways. After I got home, he sent me a text message about how he would've rather done painting (He knew I'd been painting my bathroom mirror.) so we could've talked. I agreed. Next, I received a text message: "I'm probably not what you're looking for anyway." Whoa, what?! Do I detect insecurity? Men!


Terry said...

I have a Super Wal-mart but will travel 30 minutes to go to another SWM because it has what we need. PC grew very quickly with new homes but the retail end was very slow and is now just catching up. SWM have everything you need (when they have stock) but I really prefer the Super Targets!!

Jennifer's life and goings on said...

Where in the world did he get the idea that he isn't what you are looking for? WOW!!! Good luck on getting the work made up for class. Our college doesn't close for snow unless it is really bad.

Chiloe said...

lol big insecurity !!!!!!!!! Men you meet are soooooooo weird !!! lol

He, you could exercise at walmart during 2 hours just by going around the store ;-) We had a super walmart in Fort Worth (but France had huge supermarket a long time before the US so I was already used to it !!!) but it's true they know how to make you spend ;)

You know even a single yogurt can become a drinking kind: just shake them before you open them;à anyway, a lot of experts will tell you it is not that good for the health. Some say adults's body are not made for too much milk.

Anonymous said...

I think we could use a Super Walmart. Only thing is our town can't make up its mine about one. I think we could use one. This one has the aisles so packed you can't move. It is most annoying when everyone seems to be there at one time. I don't care for yogurt and never have. We try to stay away from dairy products. We use vanilla rice drink in our cereal and for cooking. As far as the date night it is his loss. Mear, Have a great week

Heidi said...

We had a Super Walmart in El Paso and Iloved it especially when I was working 1430 to 2200 and then I could go when there was hardly anyone around, it was like the store was open just for me, lol.

Love the idea about the homemade yogurt drink, wonder if it would still work the same with German yogurt since it really does taste different fromt he American stuff. I am going to have to try both kinds. Thanks for the idea!

Don;t be so bummed about only getting in 2 workouts this week, I think that would be a good week for me. I think thats why I am bugging DH to buy a machime for the home so I can have a workout everyday.

Rene la Frog said...

I hate WalFart but since it's across the street that's where I shop.

Barbara said...

I detest Wal-Mart, but it's the only store in our rural community, so that's where I have to shop. As for yogurt - I also hate it!!!
Barb in TX

Christine H said...

I would not give him a second thought and move on. Love your yogurt idea, Devin loves those yogurt drinks but I hate paying the price for them. I will have to try it with him. Good luck with the classes.

glenda said...

Hate super walmart. it's way too big and you have to set aside an entire block of time to go. yuck.

good idea on the yogurt drinks.

"I'm probably not what you are looking for" good grief! well, if that's what he says, that must be true. If he asks you whether or not those pants make him look fat --RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally hate Wally World. HATE it. You can go in our local SWM for 1 thing and it will still take you 2 hours to get out, thanks to their speedy staff & non-functional self-scanners.
Sounds like the date with J was definitely a one-timer. Sheesh! I'd guess there wouldn't be too many women thinking he's their type. ;o)
Great stitching finish! You are a multitasker extraordinaire!

Jenna said...

We have one of those huge WalMarts, too, though it's in the town we work in, not where we live. We used to go more often when it was right next to where we worked, but not that we work further away, I find that I tend to get things more often at local stores like CVS that I used to get at WalMart.