Mar 24, 2008

Movie Monday 3/24/08

Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is an attorney and a "fixer". He's the guy his firm goes to when they need messes swept under the rug. When his firm hands him a $3-billion case, he turns into a whistleblower. The more he tries to undo the damage, the more he faces "corporate survival" vs. "human survival", which includes his own life. I was really disappointed in this movie. I thought it would have more substance and suspense than it did.

Laws of Attraction
Pierce Bronsan and Julianne Moore. This romantic comdey is a battle of wits and will. Both are top-notch NY divorce attorneys with celebrity clients. During the nasty divorce, Audrey (Moore) and Daniel (Bronson) set out on a trip to Ireland in order to make their cases, and end up married. To spare their professional reputations, they try to fool people in NY that they're in love. Interspersed throughout the movie is Audrey's mother, who is obsessed with looking young and continually is telling her how to get a man. I'm a fan of both these actors, and the ending of this movie is surprising. This is a good "chick flick" movie.