Jun 9, 2006

Finished and Free!!!

The last thing I heard when I left on the last night of my Music in the USA class was: “Thank you and good luck.” It’s what my instructor said after I turned in the 2 question essay final exam. He did return our 5 papers and commented on how impressed he was with the quality of work the entire class did. I not only got an A on my papers, but I got an A on the second test! I truly thought I would get a C and would be lucky if I received a B. To say the least, I am thrilled with the A! If I were to guess about my live performance paper, I’d say I’ll probably get an A on it since I followed the same format as my other papers. Writing is one of my best strengths. Even if I bombed the final exam, I’d still walk away with a B for a final grade… which should come out sometime next week.

I am now free for the summer!! Even though the past 3 weeks have been a bit hazy, time consuming, and stressful, I am glad I have one more class out of the way. Despite a lot of regurgitating, I do have a new appreciation of analyzing music. Funny how various classes change your life, isn’t it?

Update: It's official. I got an A for a final grade in my class. Not bad for someone who has no music background whatsoever! Woo Hoo. Happy Dancin' for me!


Shelleen said...

love that music pic. Very pretty! Glad that you got an A, proud of you :-)