Aug 15, 2008

CSC Rainbow Exchange

A package of 8 items was to be sent to your assigned exchange partner. Items were to represent colors of the rainbow (orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver and gold) with five stitchy related. I received a lovely exchange from Alison in Canada.

The all arrived individually wrapped in the cutest little tote bag:

Here's what was inside:

The yellow candle smells absolutely scrumptious. I've already put it in a candle holder that sits in my dining room. I don't know what the potpourri is, but it smells like chocolate. Yummy! I've never used Northern Lights chinese floss, som I'm really excited to have some. Aren't the colors pretty?

I liked everything. Thank you Alison!


Shari said...

what a neat exchange you were in. You got some really nice items!!!! How fun!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lovely package!

Ruth said...

Cute. I hadn't seen a rainbow exchange before, but I love the idea!

For the record, your Japanese Garden is LOVELY!!!!!

Sharon said...

What a great exchange!

Lisa said...

I'd end up eating that chocolate potpourri, lol. What a nice exchange. That tote is great for a project bag. :-)