Aug 23, 2008

He Wonders Why...

...I am single? Moi, Me? Gee, maybe this will give you and idea WHY.

August 6th, I received the following email from my online dating site:

"i find you to be a well educated ladie with good morals and values from what i have read in your profile and also your very attractive..........just not sure if i may be your type..........i may share the same morals and values as you but i'm more of the rugged type of man meaning i'm muscular very open and forward but i do have that laid back apperance once in awhile but for the most part i'm a exciting type of man......i sure hope you know what i mean because its sure hard to explain about ones self when writing lolol........... Mitch"

OK, now when I read the email, little red flags started flapping in the breeze. Grammar... spelling... "exciting type man", "i hope you know what i mean" What?!... hard to explain about ones self in writing (Umm, it's not THAT hard).

I then clicked on his profile. No photo (another flag). Username: romanticmale62, Age: 37, Location: within 35 miles, -and- wrote in his own words a HALF page about himself that went on and on and on. The "62" at the end of his username also struck me odd because usually people use their birth year and 62 didn't equate to 37yrs old.

In my profile, I have several photographs spanning several years including up-to-date ones. I am also very clear about who and what I am looking for and what I can offer.

With some reservation about this guy, I wrote back and received the following response:

"i realize some ladies on this site say there interested mostly in personalitys and sense of humors but lets not kid ourselfs......more care about looks and just looks at first hoping that they have a sense of humor and personality......heck some ladies could even care less about that hoping that they develope a personality and sense of humor lol.......i realize there has to be some type of attration to draw that person to him or her so you get that chance to know if they have a personality/sense of humor but intodays world its more about material things and being superfical. if you have a email i could send you a few pics ?............i don't have no low self esteem problem or am i insecured.........far from that so i will just send a few pics to you and you can be the judge but i don't want to put you on the spot because of what i just said lol.........`smiles`"

After that I had decided this guy probably wasn't for me and that he more than likely had issues about women not finding him attractive. Even so, I admit I was curious about what he looked like, so I wrote back.

Fast foward to August 20th. I recieved the following email:

if you go to "such-and-such dating site" and search from notintogames62 you will see i have about 14 pics there.............its a free site unlike this one

Again with the "62" which would make him 46/47 yrs old NOT 37. Of course I *had* to go look! LOL He had written (copied) the same written profile. Here's what else I found:

Age: 47 (changed shortly after that to 45), Location: (different city than other site, but close enough to it). All the other info was the same. He also had about 10 photos:

Aye-Aye-Aye! Like I thought, he wasn't my type physically plus factoring in all the other flags I'd noticed (big one: lying). With that, I didn't respond back to him but I recieved an email: "i take it yuo had looked at my pics???"

I took that as my opportunity to let him know I wasn't interested and why. I based my reasons on facts and I was very polite about it. My sister says my downfall is that I'm *too* nice to everyone. Here's the response I got:

"hummmmmmmm,well you sure don't know what the hell your talking about ugly.......i'm not fat you stupid ass whore.......its all muscle.maybe if you worked out enough you would know the dam saying i'm fat is like saying your no no seem like the type that thinks shes all this and that and when it comes down to it your nothing but a old ladie whos single and fat you have a 6 pack?.well i do time don't judge people you fat ass bitch"

First off, I NEVER EVER said he was fat. What I said was that it appeared he was overweight and with the family history of health issues I prefer someone who is somewhat health conscious. I also wished him well in his search. I suppose I could've just not responded, but after finding out he lied about his age (LOL, then calling me an "old ladie"!) and after going on and on about people being superficial, I decided to respond. I just couldn't let it slide. Immediately after receiving the above email, I received a second one:

wow......after rading your email are you serious!!! lolol?..........your not attractive!!............thats why your still single you bitch you have any idea how many ladies i have met that wants to date me lolol........and then when i see your pic i really have to laugh lolol...........seriously....this is the first time i have seen your pic!! lololol

Not sure what all the ...... is about, but he uses them quite a bit. Again, I don't know who this guy thinks he's fooling because every time a person receives an email on the site, the photo (if the person has one) is posted to the left of the email. Not only that, a person can see *who* has looked at their profile and photos. It wasn't the first time he'd seen mine. Not only that, re-read what he wrote in the first sentence of the first email he sent me. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! LOL Who is he kidding? IF he was meeting lots of women had LOTS wanting to date him, he WOULDN'T be posting a profile for online dating. Duh.

I wrote him one last email telling him how his communication portrayed the real him and how dishonest he was, how his emails didn't bother me (complete with a smiley face... LOL). Ended it with wishing him luck. LOLOL

Again, he wonders why *I* am single?? Perhaps he should look in his own backyard first.


Vicki said...

Thank you so much for the giggle! This man is an idiot and obviously wouldn't know honesty if it bit him on his big fat behind *grin*

Vicki x

(fellow SBQ member)

XS Margie said...

Wow ~ it's unbelievable how ignorant some people can be.

Meari ... check out my blog ... gave you an award :~)

Karen said...

This is a HOOT!!!! Holy cow...

Kendra said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help laughing here. Do you often wonder what on earth kind of vibe you seem to be putting out to attract all the oddball types out there?

He apparently does have issues regarding being rejected. Even though he behaved like a no-class buffoon, I can't help but to feel a little sorry for him (with regard to his fear of rejection). The name-calling wasn't warranted, though.

Anonymous said...

Was either of those sites adultfriendfinder???

I searched for both screen names on the site I use with no results. Which is a bummer, I was toying with the idea of getting a bunch of friends from there and I to all harass the hell out of him. Ah well.

Terry said...

Wow! I'm still wiping the tears off my face and I can't stop giggling. This guy gets the COMPLETE MORON award! It's amazing that he gets any dates and I kind of think he doesn't get one. (unless you count the "date" he picks up at the at 2:00 a.m.from the local strip club)

Anonymous said...

Is this how it is in the online dating community? OMG.
I'd resort to going back to bars! Oh wait, that's how I met Philip...LOL! Bars aren't that bad...just depends on the type maybe?
That guy is such a loser!
Just curious, have you ever gone to eHarmony?

Romantic Fool said...

Wow! What's sad is the number of men out there who are exactly like that one. Although I'm not sure I would have even responded after the first email. It bothers me immensely when someone cannot write a complete sentence or spell common words. I feel sorry for the woman who falls for his "lines."

The Euphoric Stitcher said...

It is funny to see what people say to make themselves feel better. And probably the only six pack he will ever have is the one in his fridge. LOL.

Jennifer said...

What? You don't think he's a total CATCH?? Clearly you must be blind not to see the MUSCLES under all that fat. Really, he's just keeping that six pack warm. Come on, Meari. Get your old ladie eyes checked. LOLOLOL

Chiloe said...

Funny boy: six packs? where? in his fridge? lol

Made me laugh though but it's scary how people appear nice and how they can mean right after ...

Hope you find someone great one day !!!

Deirdre said...

He seems very...disturbing.

Lisa said...

Perhaps he needs to replace the mirrors in his house? What kind of cock-n-bull, ignorant, lame, pompous, etc...ok..ok... :-P

Paisley said...

ROFL! With those spelling and grammar errors I would have never even bothered responding to him. But, my goodness, those pictures! The only six pack that guy has is in his refrigerator. Any guy with a decent build wouldn't be posting pictures of himself hiding under two shirts and a jacket.

Rotsaruck to that one!

Gabi said...

LOL. First I thought why on earth where you responding to that looser. But then I realized this might be a case of entertainment. But then again, this bloke is quite insulting and aggressive. Not the type I wouldn't even write one letter to.

CMKathie said...

Absolutely hilarious!
Meari, you and I really need to trade stories about online dating. I've met a few JUST LIKE this guy. What an idiot!

Carolyn said...

Wow - that's actually sad. You should write a book sometime about your experiences.

Breigh said...

Ok eww. Just EWW!! The thing is, if he had a really stellar personality and seemed even somewhat intelligent a woman would probably find him ok looks-wise and end up calling him 'cuddly'.

The fact that he cannot spell, lies about his age, and reacts in such a childish manner. MY GOD!!

You know what's weird, when the photos came up they looked REALLY familiar. I'm married almost 10 years and have not been on any dating sites ever, so I get the feeling I've come across him somewhere else. I wish I could remember where.

Post the rest of the pics! haha

coral said...

Yup, I wondered why you bothered to reply as he obviously has such issues. That was apparent from the word go.

...... - ha ha!!

Creative Chaos said...

OMG Meari , I am sorry but i am ROFL !!! This guy is a complet idiot !!!
Patti xx

Jade said...

Well, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry while I was reading your story. This guy is pathetic and he is projecting his problems and his opinions to others. I wouldn't give him another thought. You really *are* too nice.

Nancy said...

I have often wondered about dating sites since I have been married 27 years (way before the internet) I can see now that they are full of wonderful, healthy, truthful men that deserve wonderful partners........did I just say that??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Meari ... ain't being single fun? *lol* Seriously ... (uh oh ... I'm using them too!) I had similar experiences before I met Tom online & to this day, they make me giggle & shake my head in wonderment. I wish you luck - there are lots of great guys out there looking for great women like you.
In the meantime, yeah, maybe we should start a book about the people we meet online. ;o)

Shebafudge said...

So does that mean no invites to a wedding then? Or are you going to give him another try?

Look on the bright side at least he didn't send you any nude photos!

Maybe I should stay married after all.......

vEr0n!c@ said...

LOL! Meari, thanx for the laugh. Is the guy completely clueless or what? I have met my share of wierdos through online dating websites.

Luckily, I have met a couple of decent ones which offsets those cases. My SO is testimony of that. Good luck on your search :)

Sharon said...

Geez, how dumb can he be? If he turns that abusive in an email-no wonder he is still single. That was just nuts.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

All I can say is OMG some people.
If he has a six pack then I am a size 0.... (I definitely am not a 0)

Nessa G. said...

A W(e)inner! The grammar, the subterfuge...ahh to be dating again. What's so funny is guys like this are going to chase away women that might have given them a chance just because they're not being honest.

Ken's choice said...

isn't he just something else ??
He is a real S O A B !!
I just have no words for men like that, fat, ugly and over confident
YAK, YAK, YAK !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good gracious!! What a complete buffoon!!! After reading everyone else's comments, there's really nothing else I can add!! Amazing how he found you to be "very attractive" at first and then when you weren't interested you became "fat" and "ugly" and a "whore!" Poor guy! He really needs to take a trip to the clue store!! LOL!!! Meari, you truly are an intelligent, interesting and attractive lady (ladie???). I can't imagine that any woman that meets that meat-head would want to even be in the same room with him, much less actually date him!! Thanks for the laugh, and I agree, you should write a book!! Too bad my single brother isn't your type. Trust me, he isn't!! And you aren't his type either! He likes trashy women! LOL!! sigh.
Big hugs,
Pam in TN :o)

Katrien said...

sounds like he's a real 'catch' LOL. I gave up on internetdating, encountered to many of that kind of type instead of a normal, decent guy I was looking for

Barbara said...

That guy is beyond words. And yes, you are way too nice!!! I'm so very happy to be single and not looking. Don't need some pain in the rear jerk to rain on my peaceful environment. Put up with that for 22 years and definitely prefer being divorced!
Barb in TX

CJ said...

Obviously this guy has some serious issues. What a creep. You stand your ground, Mr Right will be there when you least expect him.

See ya!!



Hi Meari,

OMG...what a hilarious post!!!!

First let me clarify that this is NOT the guy named Cecil I talked about in my post on my blog from a few days ago!!!

WOW!!! Talking about keeping the real him under wraps until his feathers were ruffled. Can't imagine if you had completely lost your mind and gone out with him if things didn't go right how he would have gone off on you. So it's safe to assume he's insecure, inconsiderate, lacks good grammar or spelling skills (which is indicative of his intelligence level or either just doesn't care...we'll leave that one to the imagination)

You did the right thing. I, personally, would have probably just ignored him after seeing his pics and never responded. If the man lied he certainly didn't warrant a response...(you ARE too nice!!!)

Just remember you remain single for a reason...because of guys like him. He remains single because he's one of those kind of guys!!!

OMG...I just had an incredible thought...I sure hope he doesn't run across your blog and sees his pics...he might just think you're only playing hard to get!!! LOL j/k :)

Great post!!! Keep them coming!!! It made my day!!!

Take care & have a fabulous week!
Dawn in NC

Rene la Frog said...

What a jerk. I think a date with him would end up like your prevous entry about the date.

Danielle said...

Meari, I am new to your blog, but I have to say that I love the style of your posts and this one I had to laugh. I am newly single after 6 years of dating one person and it's so scary! But good for you for not letting it slide. He is an ass!

Rachel S said...

Found your blog and had to thank you for the laugh. Why is it on the commercials for these sites they never show the losers? I got a lot of emails like this. The creepy ones were realy funny! Keep your head up. With men like these, it's good to be single.

Sharon said...

I am so glad you shared this with everyone. So funny, what a jerk he is. SIX - PACK I think he meant KEG!! Thank God that it didn't go any further with him before he showed his true colors, that you caught his lies early. Good for you.

glenda said...

That's the funniest thing ever!

Let's not kid ourselfs.... personalitys and sense of humors are important.... However...upon rading his lies via email.... i has came to the idea that he don't have no personality, humors, or looks. LOL

i can't believe he actually stooped down to YOUR level and bothered to correspond with you, girlfriend! a man of that stature taking the time to dumb himself down for you - almost sweet, really :)

Man - you have such luck with the testosterone club - at least it makes for fun stories ;)

Anonymous said...

I know this is quite an old blog/posting, but just had to tell you... The person you've posted about (which, I'm not sure why I've not seen this blog before in the many searches that I've done) but anyway, he is a married man with children.

Make you want to keep on dating with sleezoid men out there pretending to be single.

His poor wife. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be married to someone that doesn't know how to tell the truth about anything.