Aug 4, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 8/4/08

I had a rather uneventful week and weekend. I did get LOTS of stitching in on JG (see previous post). Other than that, it was the usual housecleaning, laundry, and yard mowing activities.

Stitchy Stuff
I found these things at a second-hand store on Friday. I figure the box can be stained with stitching put on top. The little brush is a nap brush for "fluffing up" fibers. I got both of these for a whopping 80cents, including tax!

I *really* need to go to the grocery store! I *really* dislike going. On Sun, I was *really* hungry. (LOL, see the theme?) So, I scoured the pantry and decided to make fried rice. A few carrots, green beans, onion, scrambled eggs, ground turkey and rice... viola!

In addition to soy sauce and assorted spices, I had two packets of Oriental Sesame dressing from Wendy's that I added. Quite tasty for something I just threw together!


J Rae said...

What great little 2nd hand finds, especially the nap brush.

Your fried rice looks yummy! I'm not much of a grocery shopping fan either.

Carolyn said...

First - yum, yum! Looks scrumptious.
Second - what a deal for the box and brush.

Lisa said...

*applause* great buy, Meari...amazing how much natural wood is out there for a bargain price. You made a lovely meal. :-)

~V said...

Meari, great find! I have a nappy brush too, love it, especially for wisper floss :) great little box!

Dinner looks fabulous!

Carol R said...

Bargain buy!

I would have come to dinner if I known what you were having- it looks so good

Petra said...

Fried rice looks very yummy right about now!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Nice finds Meari!! I love browsing charity shops. Good meal, might even try it for the kids - lots of 'hidden' vegetables are possible with that sort of cooking :o)

Barbara said...

What great buys you made. Just love the box and brush. And your fried rice sure looks yummy. I don't mind going to the grocery store anymore, but I HATED going when I was younger and shopping for my family of 4. UGH!!!
Barb in TX

The Chanting Needle said...

Lovely box and I'm sure you'll turn it into something even lovelier!

Your meal resonated here--DH is the chef, and the stuff he comes up with from scratch is amazing (although he would never even **buy** ground turkey; apparently the turkey-hating gene runs strongly in the male line in his family :-)

I also enjoyed your "Something for the Woman Inside Us." You're making my day!
Patricia (Dr. P)

Jenna said...

The box is nice and looks to be in perfect condition! And yummo to the fried rice. :)