Jul 27, 2007

5 Things

I have been tagged by Jade for a 5 things meme.

5 Things I wish to do before I die:
1. I wish to buy a house.
2. I wish to travel more.
3. I wish to finish my formal education.
4. I wish to volunteer more.
5. I wish to retire comfortably.

5 Things I can do:
1. I can use a sewing machine pretty well.
2. I can write well (at least that’s what people tell me).
3. I can do lots of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.
4. I can cook well.
5. I can change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks on the car.

5 things I cannot do:
1. I cannot drive a motorcycle.
2. I cannot condone my neighbors’ behavior.
3. I cannot be nice to someone who has done me wrong.
4. I cannot see without my glasses.
5. I cannot grow out my nails without them breaking off prematurely.

5 things that attract me to the Opposite Sex:
1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Strong work ethic
4. Good hygiene habits
5. Understanding Character

I had to leave off 5 celebrity crushes because I don’t have any.

The following are tagged: Barb, Sharon, Erica, Melanie, and TeeJay.


Barbara said...

I'd be happy to do this on my blog, but whenever I make a list, it publishes as a paragraph. Cannot seem to get an end of line to work.
Barb in TX

Kathryn said...

Ha, ha!

"5. I cannot grow out my nails without them breaking off prematurely. "

I have two nails now that are cracked and I am trying to pretend that they will last another day or so. By next week all my nails will be back to the quick and I do NOT bite them. They just break by themselves.

Barbara said...

I tried typing the list in the "Edit HTML" section and it shows up fine (even the preview shows up fine). However, when I publish the post, it becomes a paragraph, so deleted the post for now. I'll have to do more troubleshooting on this.
Barb in TX

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note, hope your dad is doing well.