Jul 23, 2007

Monday Update 7/23/07

Bit 'O Pampering
Every now and then I make an appointment over my lunch hour to get a facial and brow wax at the local cosmotology school. An entire hour of pampering for the whopping price of $6! Yes, ONLY $6!!! A wax and facial at a salon would cost at least $10 and $35, respectively. If you're lucky enough to have a school near you, you should most definitely take advantage of it. The girl who did my wax and facial on Thursday was soooooo good! I swear I was in and out of consciousness. It was so relaxing!

A couple weeks ago I had the CT scan done on my sinuses. The ENT doc wanted to make sure I didn't have problems there that could be causing the problem with my tonsils. Well, guess what? He said I have a chronic sinus infection and put me on 21 days of antibiotics, plus Flonase. One of the symptoms of CS is "general overall tiredness" which I have had for a long time now. I asked the ENT doc if it was possible to have CS and not know it (i.e. stuffiness, nose blowing, etc.) and he said "Yes". Who'da thunk it? Not I. I have to go back to see him in about 2 weeks.

Stitchy Stuff
I had some most exciting news. I was notified by Anne S in Australia that she added my needlebook instructions to Focus on Finishing!! How cool is that?!

As The Grass Grows
Are you as sick of hearing about this, as I am about writing it??

I got home Saturday night to find a 2x4 ft section of the yard not mowed. What happened was... I was watering my outdoor plants with the hose early Saturday morning when all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach and thought I was going to throw up. I dropped everything and ran into the house. Well, I forgot that my hose was still on and unwound. So instead of pushing it into the mulched area and mowing that section of the yard, the neighbor mowed AROUND the hose. Talk about LAZY. Unbelievable.

The neighbor also blew grass all over my side of the driveway and didn't clean it up (again!). Interestingly enough, the rest of the driveway and the sidewalks were clean. So, I pushed it over to her side to clean it up. I spent most of the day outside on Sunday doing yard work and cleaning the malaria tank (i.e. swimming pool). Whenever I am outside they will not come out (LOL). I feel sorry for their poor dog whom I'm sure has to go to the bathroom at SOME point. I even overheard them arguing because the grown daughter didn't want to take the trash out to the garage because I was outside. How funny is that?! Anyway... back to the story at hand... the grass. I left for a brief 30 minutes on Sunday and guess what? The grass was swept up while I was gone and neatly deposited up against the wall of the garage on MY side!!!

Weekend Fun
On Saturday, I spent the day with S and his tot. We spent the day enjoying a festival. It started with a parade where the little tot acquired quite the stash of candy and popsicles! At first he didn’t quite know what to do when candy was being thrown in the street, but he soon caught on!! As the parade was going on, there was a small fleet of planes that flew overhead. For dinner, we had a wonderful pork chop dinner with S’s mom and step-father. It was sponsored by the local fire station and they did a great job. Later, we trotted up the street to watch the fireworks display. For a small town, the show was very good.


Erica said...

My you've been busy!

Glad to hear you got some info from your ENT. My DH has chronic sinusitis as well and has been on a nasal spray (not flonase as that stopped working for him after 6 months or so) for years now. We didn't figure out DH's problem for at least 5 years (yes years) but now it's manageable with the nasal spray. He can't seem to get rid of it completely and likely needs to get his adnoids out again (he's had them out twice so far)....

Sorry the neighbour is still being an ass about the grass....

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting your tutorial into focus on finishing, I know I mentioned it on someone's blog but I can't remember who it was (Sally in England I think). Too bad about having neighbors like that, what a pain.

glenda said...

Your life is certainly never boring!! Nothing happens to me, but then I only leave the house a couple times a week. :)

I am now going to look into my local cosmetology school! My mom went to cosmetology school, but stopped working in the field years ago. I am lucky I can still get her to cut my hair!!

Sorry to hear about about the NFH (neighbors from hell). I can't even imagine what I would do if I was in your situation. My mouth would surely cause more problems :)

Congrats on the needlebook instructions! You deserve it. They were so easy to follow.

Kathy said...

Too bad your neighbors are such snots. I know how you feel. When I lived in apartments, it seemed I always had that kind of neighbors.
Good Luck with the sinus stuff. Been there doing that. My sig. other has lots of problems all the time.