Jul 25, 2007

Bypass Surgery

Yesterday, my Dad had bypass artery surgery in his left leg. He's had problems for years and finally it got to the point where he could only walk about 20-30 ft before pain would kick in and he'd have to stop.

I got up at 3am to drive him and my Mom to the hospital which is an hour and a half away from their house, and in another state. I didn’t find out what kind of surgery it was until yesterday morning when I picked my parents up. I looked at my Dad and asked, “Isn’t that serious?!!!” He just chuckled. Sorry, but I didn’t find humor in the fact he was making light of artery bypass surgery! Surgery was supposed to be 5 hours (originally they told my Dad 2 hours). At the end of 5 hours, we found out there were complications and it'd be at least another 2 hours. So, almost 8 hours later, we got the news that Dad was out of surgery and doing well. The doctor talked to us and said there was more extensive disease than they saw when they did the MRI back in Feb (Hello? You'd think they'd do a more recent one!) The doctor also said that Dad has strong leg muscles (compared to most they see who have this surgery) and that he should recover quickly and fairly well. He could be home in 4-5 days.

Dad has his own morphine button that he can inject himself for pain, otherwise he gets one every 10 minutes. Surprisingly, he wasn't complaining about the pain from surgery. Instead he was complaining about pain in his elbows from having his arms over his head for 8 hours during surgery. He must be feeling pretty good because shortly after he came out of anesthesia, he was giving me a hard time about not being out of bed when he called me at 3am!! Then later, after Mom fed him he took the napkin and daintily patted his mouth. LOL

Despite my Dad being in surgery, my Mom and I enjoyed a nice day together. She told me about a real Japanese sushi restaurant a couple blocks away from the hospital. I couldn’t pass up sushi so I told her we could walk there and I’d buy lunch. Mom and I really enjoyed the food and the restaurant. They had TV screens that showed the sushi being made to order. It was pretty cool. Before we left, I bought Moshi which is a Japanese treat usually made and eaten at New Year's. It's made of glutinous rice and bean jelly. I remembered eating it as a kid, and Mom was so excited about seeing it that I HAD to buy some. The ones I bought were tinted pink and green and dipped in powdered sugar. They were actually made in Japan and imported to the US. I also bought a small container of seasoned squid which was very good.

I was so busy (unconsciously) being strong for my Mom yesterday, that the magnitude of the surgery didn’t hit me until this morning. While getting ready for work, the tears started flowing. It freaked me out. I really felt there was no one there for me when I needed it. I also was questioning why I was so upset when I knew my Dad was safely out of surgery.

While waiting yesterday, I finished the stitching on Pink Carnations. Still have to sew on the beads. I'm debating whether I should make it into a bourse -or- find a box to put it on the lid. My idea is to make an entire sewing set (needlecase, fob, scissor case) to match and be able to put them into the bourse or box. Bourse or Box....?


Erica said...

How stressful for you Meari! I can understand your delayed reaction to your Dad's surgery. My little one has had 7 surgeries so far and I'm fine - until after it's all over. I do the same thing as you. It seems to be a bizarre ritual I put myself through... *shrug*

I'm glad your Dad made it through surgery successfully and I'm sure he'll be back to his old self in time.

Vikki said...

Meari, sometimes stress catches up with you when you least expect it. I'm glad your father is on the road to recovery.


rose_michelle said...

Sounds like you had a bit of a day. Glad to hear your dad is doing fine though. He sounds like a character. Despite the reason, it sounds like you and your mom had some great mother/daughter time. Hope he recovers quickly ...

Deirdre said...

((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) Glad to hear your dad is doing better!

I have chronic sinusitus too:( I also have asthma and allergies that compound the issue. I feel your pain.

Sharon said...

Glad your Dad came out surgery and is doing well. Your gardens are beautiful. Did you ever do anything else about the house?

~Kim~ said...

Its amazing what our parents keep from us! So sorry you had to find out about the procedure on the way to the hospital.

Glad to hear that you had some Mom time - and was able to relax and keep each other company.

Congrats on your finish :)


glenda said...

Good thoughts coming your way. Glad your dad is being a smart alec, that is always a good sign with dads.

It is harder on us when our parents are ill than when we are!! Be sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time.

Kathy said...

Glad your dad did so well in surgery. I know first hand about sitting around through such surgery. My dad has had it twice. Once on each leg. The first one was way longer than they had told us. He had trouble coming out of the anestheia(sp). One of my sisters and I ended up spending the night at the hsopital with him. He was probably much older than your dad. The second one went very well like it was supposed to. I think he was 81 or 82 when it was done.

Anonymous said...

Meari, I hope your dad is doing really well and is recovering nicely.

Shari said...

sorry I am so tardy in reading this Meari. I hope by now your dad is home & doing much better.

stitcherw said...

I'm so glad that your dad did well. I think it is hardest being alone when something like this happens, unfortunately it does make you realize that you don't have someone right there to lean on (at least it does that to me).