Jul 16, 2007

Monday Update 7/16/07

Another Day Trip
S and I have been daytrippin' fools lately. On Saturday, we took Celeste and went to White Pines State Park. Celeste didn't like walking through water! One would think she was drowning the way she was trying to climb the cement walking stones. LOL

It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze and no humidity. With weather like that, it made hiking through the park a very nice experience. While we both enjoyed the scenic sights, the highlight of our trip was the crane I spotted in a creek flowing parallel to the hiking path we were on. I was able to get two shots before he flew to safety.

Because the lighting was low in the forested areas, some of the shots turned out blurry. I took what would've otherwise been bad pics and turned them into fabulous watercolor images:

Here's a couple of my favorite images of the day:

At the end of our day, we were sitting at a picnic table when a couple of teenagers pulled up an parked. I commented to S: "It's almost 8pm, they're two teenagers, you know they're here to make out." The teenagers walked a short distance away and within 10 minutes they were indeed making out... out in the open:

I couldn't help myself. With the lighting the way it was and the teens embracing like that, the photographer in me had to get the shot! More pics of the park can be seen HERE.

Ever since I was sick back in Jan, I've been extremely tired. I've been to see my primary physician almost every month, and each time she's commented on how big my tonsils were. I was referred to an ears/nose/throat specialist who had CT scan done of my sinuses last Friday. Turns out I have a chronic sinus infection, which probably explains the overall general tiredness I've been feeling for quite a while now. The ENT doc prescribed a 21-day stint of strong antibiotics, each pill being 750mg! He also has me doing Flonaise, which I abhor. I go back in 3 weeks for followup so he can look at my tonsils again.

Date Night
S took me out to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant on Friday night. He ordered shrimp and they were huge! For dessert, we shared a tiramisu that was presented so elegantly. All of the food was absolutely scrumptious. After dinner, we took a nice long walk along the Jane Addams Trail. It was a nice evening. :)

On The Stitching Front
I spent a little time on Sunday stitching Pink Carnations. So far I have 14 hours invested.

I also organized some of my stash, pulling out charts that I know I won't do and charts that I have duplicates of. Egads... How did that happen?! I'll be putting them in my stash-for-sale blog soon.

Mosquito Breeding Program
Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'd planned on cleaning the pool... which I did on Sunday. I have this nifty little vacuum made for kiddie pools that attaches to the hose. Water runs through it creating some sort of vacuum and catches the debris in a little mesh bag. It works great! I also have a leaf skimmer, and obviously unbeknownst to the neighbor... mosquito larvae treatment tablets! *big eyes, hands on cheeks, jaw dropped* I even have one of those floaty thingies that distributes chlorine and santizes the water. I am very tempted to create a sign "Mosquito Breeding Study in Progress. Beware!" I am sure the landlady would've said something to me the day she was talking to me while I was filling up the pool with the girls... if she didn't want malaria research going on in the backyard.


~Kim~ said...

Wonderful pics of your trip!! I love how you just capture a subject and when you take a picture its like wow, that is so cool!!

I think you should make that sign - would LOVE to hear about their reaction.. LMAO


Pam said...

What beautiful scenery and such a cute dog celeste is!
Ugh about the sinus infection, but being a fellow sufferer, I hope this gets rid of it for you, I have been there and ended up in hospital because of those darn things! Love your progress on Pink Carnations and I really do think you should put up that sign by the pool LOL. I didn't know they made such a thing for wading pools, will have to see if I can find one around here, would be very handy to have.

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, I just love your pictures! It was almost as good as being there! :)

Good luck with your sinus treatment. I've had sinus problems for several years, even trying an operation to fix the problem. :( Hopefully your mega dose of antibiotics will kick it right out of your system for good!

~Velda said...

What lovely photos!

Jade said...

Your pictures are excellent and I love your carnations more and more. Absolutely stunning. I would not have dared to use this fabric for this chart. That shows how much I know. :)

Janice said...

Love your pictures! Pink Carnations is really beautiful! Please put up the 'mosquito breeding' sign! That would be too perfect!?!? Be sure and post a pic! lol

Margie said...

Celeste is such a perfect little lady! :-) Of course she doesn't like getting her feet wet. LOL! It looks like you had a great time.

stitcherw said...

Wonderful pictures of the park and your walk. Poor Celeste, what a cutie but she certainly didn't look thrilled with the water.

Your pink carnations is looking lovely. Before seeing this I couldn't imagine a project on this type fabric, but this design looks perfect on it.

Kendra said...

Where did you get all that stuff for the kiddie pool? I've been looking for that kind of thing for our pool but with not much luck. Everything I find is for big pools with a filter/pump system.

Mary Ann said...

Fantastic pictures!! And, your Pink Carnations piece is so pretty!

glenda said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Lovely pics. Pink Carnations is really coming along well.