Jul 4, 2007

Remedial Mowing 101 - An Update

The neighbor’s grown daughter was sitting on our shared porch so I took the opportunity to ask her if she planned to finish mowing the front lawn (seeing as the note didn’t work). I kid you not when I say I had to ask the question 4 times because she acted like she had NO IDEA what I was talking about. After the fourth time, she simply said: “No.” So, I flat out told her what a poor job she and her mother do when they mow the yard and I walked into the house. About ½ hour later, I was standing in my kitchen (which is next to the porch) and I could hear the mother screaming, “IF SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT, SHE CAN DO IT HERSELF!” I am assuming it was at that point the daughter informed my neighbor of what I said. While I don’t find it surprising she’d say something like that, I do find it very ironic seeing as it was SHE who tried to make a big point by going to the landlord last year over the inequality of the yard mowing chores. She has some nerve, that’s for sure!


Sharon said...

You definitely have a nutty neighbor and a sorry one at that too. Congrats on winning the contest-it is pretty cool!

glenda said...

omg - I just can't stop laughing!!
(I know you understand!)
that woman is such a treat