Jul 6, 2007

SBQ Catch Up

How do you store your WIPs and other projects that you have kitted up?

I don't normally kit up charts ahead of the time I'm stitching them, but for WIPs, this question is similar to another SBQ, and my answer is pretty much the same. So go HERE to see what I said. For large projects such as Japanese Garden, I keep them in a pillow case when I'm not working on them.

Do you consider yourself a "floss miser?"

miser • noun, a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)

To apply the above definition to cross stitch and floss. A stingy hoarder of floss? I can apply this in two ways. 1) While stitching, I will use each piece down to the littlest amount. I don't waste any, even if it's only DMC. 2) I have a LOT of floss in my stash... But do I hoard them to the point that I'm miserable? LOL, no. So am I a floss miser? Since I'm happy with it all, I'm guessing not.