Jul 16, 2007

Monday Madness Galore

It's been a while since I did Monday Madness, so I thought I'd do several at once. Here goes!

7/16/07: PARENTING
1. Do you feel that children these days are disciplined enough? No, I do not.

2. What are your thoughts about the "time out chair?" The time-out chair is a good discipline technique when children are young.

3. When YOU were a child, what form of discipline did your parents use most often? Tone and pitch of voice; spanking ocassionally

4. Did your parents have to constantly remind you of the guidelines they set for you, or did they just have to LOOK at you as a "gentle" reminder? Constantly, no. The “look”, no. See #3

5. What are your thoughts about screaming kids in public places? I cannot stand when parents allow their children to scream and throw temper tantrums in public. Parents should stop what they’re doing and remove the child(ren) from the public arena. Along the same lines, I don't think children should be allowed to "run free" in public places either. They should be taught how to act in public.

6. What do you feel is the BIGGEST mistake parents make when it comes to disciplining children? Not disciplining enough. In most cases, both parents work so when they’re home and with the kids they don’t want to have to deal with discipline. I also see many parents wanting to be “friends” with their kids rather than be parents. Children have friends at school, daycare, etc... At home they need structure and parenting, not another friend.

7/2/07: LAUNDRY
1. Do you do your own laundry or do you send it out? Ha... I do my own.

2. Do you laundry at your home or a laundromat? I do it at home, unless I’m washing large comforters that don’t fit into my washer.

3. Are there certain articles of clothing that you need to have dry-cleaned on a regular basis? I have dry-clean items, but I don't wear them very often so maybe the answer to this would be "no".

4. How often do you do laundry? Is there a certain day of the week that you consider "laundry day?" I do laundry as time permits. It’s nothing for me to throw a load in while getting ready for work, hang it out on the line on my lunch hour, then take it off and put it away after work. No set day.

5. Do you iron your clothes as you pull them out of the dryer or do you wait until just before you wear the clothing to iron? If I pull them out of the dryer right away, usually I don’t have to iron them. If they need ironing, I do it before wearing.

6. Do you hang your clothes outside to dry or do you dry them in a dryer? During warm weather, I hang outside. Can’t beat the smell! Plus it saves energy. During the winter, I use the dryer.

7. Do you own things that need to be hand-washed or do you try to avoid buying things that you can't wash in the washing machine? I try to avoid things that can’t be washed in the machine.

1. How many times a month/year do you see the sunrise? Very few

2. How many times a week/month do you see the sunset? Very few

3. Do you go out at night and "gaze" at the stars? Yes... one of my favorite things

4. Do you ever look for star clusters, such as the big dipper, etc? Yes

5. Do you look for planets at night (with or without a telescope)? No

6. Are you able to see the northern lights where you live? If so, about how often do they come around? Not able to see them

7. Do you like going outside during a thunderstorm and watching the lightning? No

8. Do you have any really neat weather pictures? I do, but I don’t know where they’re at right now.


Callista said...

Good answers, here are mine: http://callistasramblings.blogspot.com/2007/07/monday-madness-discipline.html