Jul 3, 2007

Remedial Grass Mowing 101

*Sigh* Since the grass was about 6" high, the neighbors finally decided to mow it on Sunday. I'm not sure if they do it just to push my buttons, or if they're LAZY, or if they just don't care what the yard looks like. Does this look familiar?

Well, it should because it's the same 4-5 ft. section that I had a discussion with them about LAST year. For a refresher, click HERE.Who in their right mind would think it's OK to mow all but the last 4 feet??? It's not like the pavement next to it is a street, it's a driveway!What gets me is summer is half over and up til last Sunday, they'd been mowing it. There there are places that look like this:

When I mow the grass, I have no problem seeing or mowing those areas. So what gives???

I left a note on their door yesterday telling them to finish mowing the front yard. I did tell them "Thanks" also. I was *this* close to telling them: "Are you blind? It looks like CRAP!" But I didn't... Because that would be un-neighborly.


Anonymous said...

Meari, I completely understand your frustration! Maybe they are trying to make a point to the city (if that section is city owned or something), which doesn't do any good because they can't do anything where the gov't is concerned, or maybe (unfortunately) the husband is like mine and procrastinates yard work for weeks and weeks (which is why I went with desert landscaping finally...no mowing), don't blame the wife if this is the case. your lucky though, I live where there is an alley behind my backyard and the neighbors leave trash all over the ground, ughh, gross!!! You don't want to see a photo of that! IT pisses me off to no end! Luckily I have a brick wall there.

glenda said...

Just when I think they can't get any worse - they impress me with their incredible idiocy!! I am so sorry you live next to these "people". At least your stories are entertaining for the rest of us. I dare you to mow a design in the lawn the next time it's your turn LOL!!

~Kim~ said...

OMG!!! Im so glad I do not have those people for neighbors!! Those people must not care about the house?! How totally rude!

Hope things improve soon!!


Barbara said...

Here you go again - another mowing experience with your pain in the rear neighbor! Will it never end? The area along the a/c looks like how they mow my apt complex. The apt manager's son (in his 20's) is the maintenance person & after he leaves wide patches of unmowed sections, he then sprays it with pesticides to kill it all. God forbid he get off his lazy duff to use a push style mower to get close to the buildings (he uses a riding mower for the rest). So we end up with large brown areas around the buildings. Looks god-awful, but I've learned to ignore it since it's not going to improve. Sounds like your neighbor's daughter is as lazy as the idiot who mows here.
Many Hugs,
Barb in TX