Jul 19, 2007

Gardening Update 7/19/07

I am so stoked about how well my gardens are doing! Despite the horid HOT, HOT, HOT (Did I say "HOT"?) temps, they are flourishing. It's been a lot of work watering them every day, but it makes me happy to see blooming color on my side of the porch and in the yard.

This is what my little corner of the world looked like at the beginning of June:

This is what it looks like now.

I have loads of tomatoes on all three plants. I am taking the advice of someone who left a comment on my blog. I have been pinching off the sucker branches once the flowers start blooming. The plants won't be as bushy as they were last year, but hopefully this will allow the sun to get to the green tomatoes and "help" them turn red.

I even have itsy-bitsy cucumbers on my potted cucumber plant! I can't wait to have fresh cukes off the vine. Mmmmm... Yum!!

More "then" and "now" pics of my gardens can be seen HERE.


Barb said...

Your garden is beautiful. I love tomatoes and cucumbers especially fresh from the garden. Lately I've been eating them like I'll never get to eat them again and fresh tomatoes aren't even coming out until August!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What lovely plants all of them! the tomatoes look wonderful! many around here have lost theirs due to all the flooding and rain.

Mary Ann said...

Your garden is beautiful!!

Mylene said...

You have a beautiful garden, Meari. One of our friends had given me tomato plant last april and since the weather has been on and off cold it didn't work out. Honestly, i am not good at gardening, but do love flowers so i am trying...

stitcherw said...

Your garden looks lovely! I can see why looking out at it would make you happy. Enjoy your tomatos, ones fresh off the vine always taste so wonderful.

Anita said...

wow,your garden looks great. All the plants and love your tomatos.

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Greg said...

It's beautiful! All your hardwork is paying off. YAY!!!