Sep 17, 2006

Cheese Days

After walking what seemed like a mile to get to the square in downtown, we found the perfect spot to see the parade despite four rows of people in lawn chairs in front of us. Sadly, my 9yr old niece couldn’t get close enough to get the candy and goodies being thrown by the parade exhibitors. She did get a cheese stick! LOL, fitting since it was the Cheese Days festival parade. Exhibitors from all over WI and northern IL were in the parade. In addition to costumed people on stilts, clowns, and hearses, there were acrobatics and the usual cheese farms, Shriners, etc. Let’s not forget the Marching Bands!

Two of my nieces are in their school’s marching band. One is a flag twirler and the other plays percussion with the big ‘ole bass drum. She’s the only girl in the bass drum section and the smallest drummer. Her concert band teacher thought she had what it takes, and asked her to be in the Marching Band.

Of course, I took lots of pics while they marched around the square. However... It DOES help if you put a compact flash card in the camera first! I was so excited about the shots I got, too. My BIL then suggested we walk several blocks north of the square in order to catch the band again so I could take more pics... with CF card in the camera. LOL We rushed up there and I managed to get a few shots. Not nearly as good as the ones I *thought* I got downtown. Oh well, there will be more parades.

My sister, 9yr old niece, and I walked the last 10 blocks of the parade route, along with the band. Talk about exhausting. At least we didn’t have to march the entire parade route, which was 4 miles long!


~Velda said...

Great photos!!!!!!!!! I love cheese mmmmmmmmm

Kendra said...

Yeah! Someone who appreciates the marching bands! This former band geek (flute for 1 year, Color Guard for 3 years) appreciates those who appreciate the band! :-)

Nancy in IL said...

Meari, I enjoyed reading about your cheesy festivities, LOL. Very cool about your neices; I enjoy seeing things like this, as I was in band all through school. We also have an Arthur Cheese Festival in IL, and it's much like what you show. The cheese is made by the Amish here in IL. Arthur is the center of IL's Amish community. Thanks for a lovely visit to your blog. I'm back into the blogging scene again, and it feels great!

Jenna said...

Mmmmm... cheese! My favorite food! Makes me hungry just thinking about it. I'm glad that you are so supportive of your nieces. Being in the band is hard and hard work! I was a drum major for 4 years. Trying walking most of the parade route backwards. LOL.

Vicki said...

Sounds like a fun day. I used to do parades with our high school band although I don't think we ever did a cheese parade. LOL Great picture!