Sep 7, 2006

Just Plain Stupidity or Just Being A Witch?

After the little "chat" with the neighbor lady, I spent over an hour early Saturday afternoon washing and vacuuming my car. During that time, Donna came and went at least three times. While cleaning the inside of my car, guess what I found?! Besides the usual tiny cash treasures, I found my favorite watch! I lost it months and months ago... thought it fell off while I was shopping in a store. I was ecstatic to find my watch! :-)

It was a beautiful day, so I washed my sheets and hung them outside to dry. I LOVE the smell of freshly air dried sheets. Mmmmmmm! While they were on the line drying, I cleaned the upstairs of my house. Meanwhile, the neighbor decided she was going to mow the yard. When I thought the sheets were dry, I started out the door... and stopped dead in my tracks.

Donna had mowed the yard all right! She had blown grass ALL OVER the side of my newly washed car! Not only was there grass on the car, but it was all over the concrete in front of my garage and the area where I normally park my car. Needless to say I was livid. As angry as I was, I calmly walked to the front of the house where Donna and her grown daughter were and simply said to her: "I really don't appreciate you blowing grass all over my car when I just got done washing it." Well, that was enough to get her screaming... yes, screaming at me in the front yard. She first asked, "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!! YOU KNEW I WAS MOWING THE YARD" When I responded to her that all she had to do was face the blower the opposite direction... away from the concrete. Her daughter pipes up... "It's a mulching lawnmower." So freakin' what. You can still face the lawnmower in the opposite direction. IMO, it doesn't matter if I did or didn't know she was mowing the lawn. My car has been parked in the same spot for the last 5 years and NEVER had any of the other tenants blown grass all over my car... clean or dirty. Donna is still screaming at me as I walk away. Actually, she followed me to the back yard. Remember? I was going to take the sheets off? She tried to rationalize her behavior as being "right" and telling me that all I had to do was hose it off. I simply told her "That is NOT the point." Then she said, "Well, it'll blow off when you drive down the road" What? Does she think I'll be going 120? Her final statement to me was (keep in mind my back was to her because I just kept on walking)... in a sarcastic tone "I guess it's all my fault." All I said, "Obviously, it is." and kept on going toward the clothes line. Donna's responses were so ignorant I was very disgusted. (My brother said I handled it a lot better than he would have. He said I should've gotten right up in her face and yell louder than she did. LOL)

Later in the evening, I was sitting on the back porch when the daughter came outside to let their dogs do the potty break. I asked her, "Are you guys going to sweep up the grass? I really need to know how to handle it next week." LOL OMG, she went off on me about my attitude about MY car having grass on it. I calmly replied, "I believe I have a right to have a problem with you blowing grass all over my car when I just washed it." LOL, well she didn't like that and went into the house slamming the door behind her. I could hear her telling Donna, and then Donna screaming about it. Yes, screaming. Btw, they didn't sweep up the grass... I HAD to.

So now I ask you.... Is she just plain stupid? Or is she being a snotty, retalitory witch (replace the "w" with a "b")?

Stay tuned for the next episode of "As The Yard Grows..."


~Velda said...

OMG in all your frustration I am laughing my guts out! I can't believe people can be THAT ignorant! I think you should wait for all the supportive comments for YOU on your blog and send her the link...better yet, do you have a pet dog? Seems it might be time to Scoop the poop and put it on the stoop....

Kendra said...

My gosh, what is the matter with some people? Her reactions remind of the saying "he who doth protest too much has something to hide". You know, the louder one objects, the more likely they know they're wrong.
What an idiot. My blood pressure is rising just reading it...can't imagine having to deal with it in person!

Shelleen said...

and this is why I don't like having neighbors LOL, although we all own our homes on this road. DH and DS#2 mow the grass on what little bit of flower garden I have and they used to mow and put the grass all over my car. Til I yelled at them. Now they move my car when they mow LOL.
Good luck with your neighbor, she sounds like a winner,

Jenna said...

Ummmm... yeah. Sounds like it's definitely time for you to get your own place. These people are completely off their rocker!

P.S. Aren't you going to run and tell "Mom"? ;)