Sep 15, 2006

Odds & Ends

TV Situation
I am still debating whether I want to buy a new TV yet. It’s going to cost me about $550 and I don’t want to part with the cash. LOL I’m getting tired of watching TV on the small set in my bedroom though. Half the bed is covered in cross stitch stuff!

My Ecology class is going OK so far. We’ve had our first hands-on “scientific” data gathering project which involved taking samples of water at the college’s ponds/streams and observing the critters under a microscope. We were informed that we’ll have to write a short report on it once the instructor compiles the data from all the classes. Our first test is next Wed. How well I do on that test will determine the path of this class....

$100,000 Gift Bags
This was in an industry newsletter I read today:

“The IRS is taking some of the fun out of the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys for celebrities. The value of the 2006 Oscar gift bag was estimated at more than $100,000. Anyone who received that bag will get a notice from the organization that runs the Academy Awards reminding them of their tax obligations. In the future, the IRS wants 1099 forms issued to all gift bag recipients.”

Holy Cow! A $100,000 gift bag?!


~Velda said...

that's ALOT to spend on a tv (my husband's profession was tvs for 20 years)

Those gift bags have ALOT of thing in it and many upper crust celebs have said they give the stuff away..besides taxes on that are a drop in the bucket for most stars lol

Anonymous said...

I think I would part with the funds and get the t.v.. When ours started going south, it took a bit of thinking and all but I am glad we did get a new one. The pic is better and all. Love it about the gift baskets getting taxed! Michelle-ozark crafter

Vicki said...

Wow that is some gift bags. I'd love to see what's in them. That's a bummer on the tv. Good luck with your sociology class. It sounds like fun.

And I'm combining posts here...
That was so sweet of your niece to call you. That's when you know you're really loved. Nice RAK's. =)

And at least now your neighbors can't say they don't know how far over they are supposed to mow the grass although why she would have thought she was supposed to stop where she did is beyond me. (((Hugs)))

Azzie said...

Get the TV! You know you want to.... ;)
Azzie xx

Pam said...

Good luck on deciding on buying a new TV, we recently bought a new one and we've really enjoyed it so far. Hope your class goes well for you! Wow about the gift bags, I knew they got a lot of goodies in them, but didn't realize it was worth that much, geesh LOL.

Greg said...

You might as well get the bigger TV, the small one is done growing and won't get any bigger. I hear a flat screen mounted on your wall calling your name out. lol

It's about time the IRS taxes the celebrities little gift bags.

Kendra said...

The gift bags are extravagant! Jewelry (diamonds, etc., not just "cheap" costume jewelry), electronics, expensive clothes and such, lots of very high-dollar items. It's nice to know they're going to get taxed on them. *hee hee*

And about your neighbors...either they truly *are* 100% clueless, or they're being purposely obtuse just to bug you. I would bet on the latter, just going by all the other little things they've been doing. You just wonder why people feel the need to behave like jack....err, donkeys. :-)