Sep 26, 2006

Ladies & Gents... Welcome to the Powder Puff Game!

For anyone who doesn't know what a powder puff game is... It's a football game between girls. This one in particular is played during homecoming week. Three of my nieces are freshmen this year. One participated in the powder puff game. Actually, she was one of the quarterbacks. Go team, Go... Go... Go! Isn't that a rough-looking bunch?

Unfortunately, the freshmen team lost to the junior team.... 28 to 42. Maybe next year, girls! You played a good game.


Anonymous said...

My high school did this every year - junior girls vs. senior girls. I had totally forgotten about that!

Lisa said...

I remeber the powder puff games in high school. I think my favorite part was the guys dressing up like female cheerleaders.