Sep 8, 2006

Car Troubles - Yet Again

On Tuesday, I had to walk to work because my car wouldn’t start.

I assumed it was because of all the rain we had on Labor Day. My brother came over to look at and it said it was the battery... AGAIN. Back in January, the current battery was replaced under warranty because the other one went bad after 3 months. Now here again, a battery has gone dead! My brother says if it goes dead again, he is taking it back to Auto Zone and chewing some royal butt. LOL, that’s the nice version of what he said. He said if he has to take that battery out again (not an easy task), he is getting my money back and we’re going to Farm & Fleet to get a battery.

The holiday really screwed up my work schedule, so I had to stay late Tuesday to get some client work done. With no car, I had to walk to the post office to mail the client’s stuff – which is in the opposite direction of where I live. Then I had to walk home. By the time I got home, I had a nickel size blister on the bottom of one foot. Ouchies!!

It’s Friday... Can anything else happen this week???


mom2manyblessings said...

Hmm, sounds like something in the car is causing the battery to be shouldn't lose 2 batteries that quickly. Hopefully it's nothing seriously wrong and that you've just gotten a bad bunch of batteries. I sometimes really hate owning a car...they are so much trouble.

Jenna said...

Ouch, that is some serious walking! I think I had that problem with my 95 Grand Am for a while. I don't remember what the cause was, though. I hope you get it figured out and fixed so you don't have to walk anymore. :)

Singular Stitches said...

You may want to check your alternator. I believe DH's previous car had the problem that his battery wouldn't charge, and I'm almost positive that was the culprit.

It seems so odd that every battery you got was defective.