Sep 22, 2006

Musings of the Week

Ahhh... It’s Friday. Today is a bad allergy day. I took my meds this morning like I always do, yet my sinuses feel like they’re stuffed with cotton and my nose has a mind of it’s own. I’m positive mowing the yard last night has a lot to do with why I’m feeling like I do. Especially since it all started about 20 minutes after I started mowing. My arthritis is inflamed this morning, too... the pain in my shoulder is well, a pain (LOL) and the dull aching in my arm is driving me crazy. Does it all really have to act up at once?

I had my first test in Ecology on Wed. 40 questions of multiple choice with a few T/F thrown in for good measure, and about 15 short answer/fill in the blank. I’ll be happy if I get a C (please!). We had a little field trip also... to the “re-created” prairie in the center of campus. It’s a 6x6’ square representative of what the area looked like before it became urbanized. By the time the instructor was done talking about the various grasses, it was dark and the students were cold. Night classes will do that to you. We were also given the last part of our current lab assignment, which is to write a lab report on the observations we’ve made about the microscopic critters in the ecological ponds/streams on campus. Yikes! I’ve never written a lab report before.

I worked on Freedom last night. I have about 2 hours worth of stitching left on the eagle and flag before I’m done. Then I’ll be working on the backstitching. After that, the only thing left is the poem about freedom and the “memorial” information about the soldier. I had some disappointing news... I happened to be reading the paper (I never read the paper) on Tuesday and found out that the soldier’s mother had died. I was going to send her the piece. I had a dilemma as to where to send it. Do I send it to the step-father and soldier’s siblings (who are still in high school)? Do I send it to the mother’s sisters? Do I send it to the father? My sister says I should send it to the father. She rationalizes that when you lose a son, you lose a son... no matter if you were deeply involved in his life or not. So I guess I’ll have to figure out where the soldier’s father is so I can send it to him instead.

And finally...

How many pieces have you stitched? Out of these, how many have been for you? How many have had specialty stitches or other techniques besides cross stitch?

Even thought I've been stitching off and on since I was a teenager, I've only done approximately 50 projects. Most of them, I have given away as gifts. I only have a handful of things that I've kept. The only project that has specialty stitches is Japanese Garden. It's not finished yet. That one's for me. :)


Carol said...

I suffer from allergies too and so do my 3 daughters, the youngest is the worst. She takes two prescription allergy meds. I just started taking Claritin D and it's helping me a lot but it's only a matter of time before I'll get immune to it. My copay is so high on the prescritions I try to get by myself on OTC. I would love to live one year of my life allergy free! That would be so awesome!