Aug 1, 2007

Fresh Veggies!

Mmmm... Don'tcha just love summer? I don't like the heat, but I love the fresh veggies that are ready to eat at this time of year. Due to the generosity of a coworker, I was able to put some fresh corn in the freezer.

Didn't take too long either. From this:

To this:

And finally.... Viola! Enough for at least 6 meals.

A generous Freecycler dropped off a couple of zucchini and a bag of cucumbers today. I see refrigerator pickles in my future... Yum!


rose_michelle said...

I love fresh corn. We used to go pick our veggies at my uncles farm when we were kids. Of course with 12 siblings we were out there a while, but it also meant going to bed early 'cause we were so tired!