Aug 20, 2007

Monday Update 8/20/07

Freecycle is great! Last week, I put sent out a message for a bicycle pull behind. You know, one of those things you can pull a child in while bicycling. A freecycler came through! S and I picked it up last night. It should work just fine, with a little cleaning up.

In addition, I've been freecycling my own stuff like crazy. So far I've given away: a breadmaker, plants, two boxes of misc household items, books, a hand vac, and clothes.

Stitchy Stuff
We had some sad news this week. A 23-year old soldier from my area died in Iraq last weekend. I quickly asked for his name so that I can stitch a memorial for him.

I am going to do The Cricket Collection's "Red White & Blue".

Believe it or not, I've managed to stitch on Mime. Two nights this past week, I spent about an hour working on it. If I'm lucky, it'll be finished by the end of the year. Woo Hoo!

The fall semester is starting up again next week. I am taking an online Beginning Excel class. In Oct, the advanced class starts and I'm signed up for that, too. It'll be interesting to see how these two classes will pan out taking both together. I have extensive Excel experience so I'm hoping for the best. I tried to klep out, but that's not an option for these classes. :(

The pole beans didn't turn out as beefy as I would've liked. They're sort of stringy and I don't like 'em that way. After freezing the first batch, I've left the rest on the vines. The tomatoes are turning red, and I've been able to harvest a few at a time.

Lastly, my flowers are really pretty right now.

I spent all day cleaning, purging, and packing boxes. I had a big pile of empty boxes in my living room. I'm down to 3 empty ones. Here's what it looks like so far:

I really don't know what I did, but on Sunday I had pain running down the side of my neck all the way to my right shoulder blade. It was a nagging pain all day and got worse Sunday night. I spent most of my evening lying down with heat and ice trying to get it to feel better, but it didn't help.


gail said...

hope you're keeping dry as the move progresses..... I got a little wet at the air and water show on Saturday, and totally soggy on Sunday (grocery shopping).

Marita said...

I love Freecycle also. Is a great way to get rid of so much unwanted stuff - especially toys and clothing my children grow out of. We got given so much for the girls it is a wonderful feeling to be able to share that by giving to others.

The tomatoes look yummy, I wish I could reach into the monitor and pick one to have with my dinner.

In the moving picture you have a big Haunted house sign, is that a warning about the box contents? Or perhaps a warning about your neighbours :grin.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what is your secret? My tomato plants never looked that good. Yummy!!!


stitcherw said...

Sounds like you're doing wonderful with Freecycle, both finding things you can use and providing things others need, this is such a great idea.

Your garden is looking great, and the tomatos look really yummy. Your packing looks like it is coming along well, but I think you'll miss your garden. Have you started planning what you want to do for a garden in your new home next year yet?