Aug 2, 2007

Who Needs A Pool Boy?

I wish I could lounge around all day in my bikini and sip pina coladas while the hunky pool boy cleaned my pool, but I can't. Besides, how long do you think it'd take to clean a kiddie pool... and how silly would I look lounging beside it? LOL

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I had a pool vacuum that cleaned the debris from the pool using the water from the hose. Here's how it came out of the box:

I thought to myself: "Those little pieces of plastic are supposed to clean THAT junk out of the pool?" Following the vague directions on the box, I put everything together and came up with this -------------------->

There's a little white fine mesh bag that fits over the hole at the top. I took it off for the pic.

As water from the hose runs through this contraption, it creates some sort of suction like a vacuum. You push it slowly along the bottom of the pool and it sucks up the bugs, grass, and other yucky stuff. Granted it won't suck up leaves and sticks. I use a pool skimmer to clean all the big stuff out of the pool before using the vacuum. It does take a while to use the vacuum, but I think it does a fairly good job considering it's powered by water and is entirely plastic. The screw-together pole handle is a bit flimsy so I'd opt for the regular pole. Adapter for it is included with the vacuum. I've also found out that it works better if the pool water is at least as high as the vacuum.

Look at all the nasty junk I sucked up:

One of the nice things about this is it can be broken down and put into something the size of a shoe box. I bought one of those plastic storage containers that IS the size of a shoe box. I cut the directions off the box and stuck them in with the vacuum... Just in case *sometimers* disease sets in... (sometimes I fergit!)


Kathy said...

What an interesting contraption!!!. Apparently it basically does the job, so your investment was worth it.

Isn't your pool the mosquito test site? LOL

Singular Stitches said...

That's is pretty cool, but...I think I'd prefer the hunk of a pool boy... ;o)

Marita said...

Great idea keeping the instructions with the vacuum. Is a nifty little gadget for keeping the pool clean.

stitcherw said...

It does look interesting, glad that it worked so well for you. Good idea with the directions, I try to save things like that as well. Especially if it is like a year ago that you actually did it the last time it is really hard to remember how things work.

rose_michelle said...

I think I want a pool boy and I don't even have a pool!