Aug 28, 2007

Home Buying Update

Just a little update on my home buying process...

I talked to the mortgage specialist today and he said that everything is good to go. He is waiting on getting confirmation that my homeowner’s policy is paid and in effect. The insurance agent said she put the paperwork in the mail today. So, I am *that* much closer.

I received a letter yesterday from the bank informing me of my FICO score. I have a great score, but found two items to be interesting *shrugs*:

Code 05: You have too many accounts with balances. I have just 4 accounts with balances. Three of those are less than $100.

Code 30: Time since you opened your last account is too short. LOL, I thought a person wasn't supposed to be opening new accounts when trying to buy a house?

The appraisal came in for the house at $3000 higher than my offer! The title work came back clean, which I expected. Before I made an offer, I visited a title company I used to work for and did a preliminary title check.

It's been a week since the landlord received notification that I'm moving out at the end of September. They still haven't contacted me about it.

Several people (online and off) have offered to put a flaming bag of doggie doo-doo in front of my neighbor's door after I've moved out. Bad people... LOL!

On a sad note, I’ve found out that my realtor’s mother has been hospitalized with cancer in the esophagus. From what I understand, she’s very sick.