Aug 18, 2007


From TeeJay
Over the past month, TeeJay and I have been getting to know each other through emails and blogging. I've thoroughly enjoyed our communication and reading her blog. :) Imagine my surprise when she asked for my snail mail addy because she wanted to send me a little something. She wouldn't tell me what, though! Here's what arrived in the mail:

The one with the bunny is a needleminder. Isn't it great?! Sadly, the US Postal Service destroyed the packaging and the bottom part of the little box. :( TJ told me that the box came from Walmart, so I'm going to go get another one. Like S said: The good part (the stitching) was not ruined.

Thank you TeeJay, for think of me. :)

From Mel
A while back, Melanie tried her hand at hand-dyeing threads. She is having so much fun doing it! She must have fibers coming out her ears by now. ;-) Mel sent me a few of her threads. They're really pretty. Thanks, Mel!

From Trecie
Trecie was one of my students in my online Needlebook Class. She sent me a note of thanks, along with this personalized tissue holder. Those ladies are just divine! She did such a good job on it. :) Thank you, Trecie. :)

From Mary
I feel really bad that it's taken me so long to acknowledge these wonderful gifts from Mary. She sent these to me as a 'thank you' for coordinating a bookmark RR on one of the stitching groups. Included was three SSS fibers to add to my collection, Orient Expressions leaflet by Stoney Creek, and an assortment of MH beads. What a generous gift. Thank you so much, Mary!

From Denise
My nieces are always "bugging" me about teaching them how to stitch. Last year I bought them the plastic canvas kits thinking they would be easy for them to do. At 6 and 8, they had a hard time. Denise sent me a bunch of floss left over from a kit she did. I thought this would be great to teach my nieces. I'll just give them a blank piece of aida and let them go to town! Thanks, Denise!


Myrna said...

Such lovely giftees!!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

you're very welcome and I hope to have a future of correspondence with you.

Dawn said...

Wonderful gifts!!

Sharon said...

Fabulous gifts! Enjoy.

Marita said...

Some very pretty additions to your stash.

stitcherw said...

Wow, what wonderful gifts.

Carol said...

Oh wow! What fantastic gifts!!

~Velda said...

WOW what lovely gifts!