Aug 10, 2007

Just A Waiting Game

Found out what the $1500 was spent on. Tub surround. Let me first say that my first impression walking into the bathroom was "Oh MY God, that HAS to go." What was it? They had used 3x3" ceramic tile as the tub surround AND continued to tile up the wall and covered the entire ceiling of the bathroom. It looks terrible! Not only that, there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom so the mold and mildew accumulates in the grout. How the heck is one to clean the ceiling, is what I wondered. Hence, it's got to go. And this woman actually paid $1500 to have this done? It's nothing special either.

Seeing as I used to work at a land title company, I know that they keep purchase price and mortgages on record. My realtor was worried that the seller had an upside down mortgage.

What is an upside down mortgage? An unwanted financial position that consumers find themselves in when the outstanding balance of a loan is higher than the current fair market value of the property.

I paid a visit to my former employer and asked them if they could help me with the info I was looking for. The seller is not in financial straits in regards to this property, market values, and the mortgage being held. Sometimes, sellers will try to hide the fact that there's more than one mortgage on the property. It isn't the case here, though.

We presented yet another counter offer and raised it $1K (My realtors wanted me to stay at my previous offer, but I think I'm offering good faith by upping it a bit.) and insisted the home warranty be included because the appliances and furnace/CA are very old. Since the seller came back with a counter offer within 4 hours yesterday, we're only giving them 12 hours to respond. Obviously, they don't need 24 hours.

Just a waitin'....


Greg said...

Sadly most of the $1500 went to labor for the tile work.

Marita said...

We have lived in a house with no fan/vent in the bathroom and mould grows really fast. Tiny tiles would be a nightmare in that situation, so much extra cleaning work. Who wants that when you could be using the time stitching.

Crossing fingers they accept the offer.

Deirdre said...

Sounds like an interesting tile job...Good luck with the offer on the house.

stitcherw said...

Good luck with your offer, it would be so nice for you if you could settle this soon.

Barbara said...

Good luck on your recent offer being accepted. My apartment bathroom has no exhaust fan and I have to keep the door open when I shower or the room gets too full of steam. The developers built as cheap as possible!
Barb in TX

Jenn L said...

Ugh, ceiling tile. Had one of those. Thank goodness for Scrubbing Bubbles. And I'd check into whether the lack of bathroom vent is a building code violation.

I've got a friend who's co-owner in a kitchen/bath refinishing company. If you're interested, let me know and I'll shoot you his information.