Aug 12, 2007

Tagged for 10 Things

I was tagged by Barb.

The rules are you are suppose to tell 10 wierd things about yourself and then tag 10 other people.

1. I'm allergic to everything under the sun that one could be allergic to... except cockroaches. Go figure.

2. Family and friends say I'm a nerd.

3. I am particular about the way my towels are folded. I've been this way since I was a teenager doing laundry at home. (Don't tell my Mom, but I'm re-folding the towels that she washed for me... after my flooding incident.)

4. My idea of cleaning is not "out of sight, out of mind". I'd rather clean just a little and put things away where they belong than to clean the entire house and "hide" everything wherever.

5. I need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to be able to function the next day.

6. I don't like yogurt or cottage cheese. Everything else is fair game. I will try anything once.

7. When I get interested in a hobby, I go into it full force until I get tired of it. Then I move onto another one. Luckily, the "moving on" part doesn't happen too quickly.

8. I am so accident-prone that I have tripped on a sidewalk on more than one occassion. Twice I have tripped and sprained my ankle. *knock on wood* The sprains haven't happened in a couple years.

9. I often have bruises on me and have NO IDEA where or how I got them.

10. I am afraid of heights, yet I think it would be cool to go sky diving. Just once... So I can say I did it.

I'm supposed to tag 10 people, but I'm going to be lazy this time. *Tag* to whoever wants to play along.


Anonymous said...

Meari, "Long May She Wave" is actually known as "Patriotic Sampler" and is by Prairie Grove Peddler. I'd share the graph, but it's already gone on to a new owner. Thank you for your comment!

Barbara said...

I'm also afraid of heights, but loved going parasailing in Acapulco years ago. It was just awesome.
Barb in TX

Jenna said...

LOL. Many of these sounded familiar to me. We have a lot in common! I'm a nerd, my husband doesn't fold the towels correctly, I prefer to organize rather than hide things when cleaning, I bruise like no one's business, trip on carpet, cement, you name it, afraid of heights and need at least 8 hours of sleep to function.